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Top 5 Gifts Ole Miss Students Hope to Receive for Christmas

Thanksgiving break is both a blessing and a curse. You return home for a whole week, gorge your GPA blues away in turkey and mashed potatoes, and fall asleep on the couch around 4:00 p.m. every day. You’re thinking the week is gonna drag on and on to last a lifetime, but to your inevitable despair, you return to Ole Miss with the looming occurrence of FINALS. However, you bullshit your way through your finals and you’re home free for yet another holiday break! With Christmas just around the corner, college kids everywhere are constructing the most basic yet most glorious of wish lists — consisting of items such as laundry detergent, water bottles and greater self-esteem. Here are the top five gifts students at Ole Miss are most hoping to receive this holiday season!

5.) Groceries:

There is a mega difference between grocery shopping by yourself and grocery shopping with your parents… most notable difference being your parents actually have money. Also, going to Walmart at midnight to load up on more Oreos and Coca-Colas does not constitute as grocery shopping.

4.) “Do not ask me about college” t-shirt:

You know the shirt. And you’ve learned over Thanksgiving that relatives truly do know nothing else to ask you about. You’ve counted 12 relatives that, in under half an hour, have asked you, “How is school? What’s your major again? What are you doing with that?” and you refuse to have the same conversations over Christmas. Like, ask about this pecan pie or literally anything else, but please don’t ask about anticipated degrees…or football scores.

3.) Cold hard cash:

There’s absolutely no way to go wrong here. Cash or checks are a direct deposit into the hearts of any Ole Miss student, especially since they’ve probably spent all of their Flex dollars on Papa John’s pizza.

2.) Post-football dignity:

Did you drop your sense of self-worth in somebody’s frat cooler on game day, only for it to never be seen again? Maybe over the break you can get a little reflection and self-assessment done. Now that football season has come to a close and, yes, it was as painful as you expected it to be, you can accept it and move on.

1.) Subway back in the Union:

Ever walked all the way to the Pavilion to get Raising Cane’s only to realize there’s some sort of sporting event preventing you from getting inside? Are you tired of eating Chick-fil-A sandwiches every damn day because you can’t construct your own personal footlong sub?! Ole Miss students took this hit and took it hard. Subway, all Ole Miss wants for Christmas is your on-campus location.

The list could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is, college kids are incredibly easy to please. After spending the fall semester dodging construction, getting caught umbrella-less in a pre-class shower and eating stale potato chips for dinner more times than we’d care to admit, we’re looking forward to being greeted with gifts and extra time to sleep before jumping into spring semester and being miserable all over again. Crank out those Christmas lists, Rebels, and get ready for a long, relaxing holiday break! (Ya know, after finals.)

If you’re saying you’ve never experienced DADs, well, you’re lying:


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