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2017 Eugene Drunk Food Bracket Winner: Uly’s


Uly’s has done it. After three weeks of voting it has now become official, Uly’s has become the official king of drunk food in Eugene.



But of course with so many great drunk dining establishes around Eugene this was a hard earned title for Ulys. In the first round we had a good old fashioned Mexican standoff between Uly’s and Qdoba that would decide once and for all who hombre on the block was and of course Ulys’ came out on top.


After that DQ attempted to pull off the upset in the second round but they stood no chance against the mighty Uly’s. In the final round Dough Co and Uly’s went head to head to determine who is the king of late night drunk eating in Eugene. Dough Co. got off to an early lead but it wasn’t enough as Uly’s came back for the win.


While Uly’s may have had a tough road to winning the championship, nobody had it harder than the fans who were faced week to week with the impossible decision of choosing between all of these fine eateries. Personally after a night of drinking I tend to hit up 2-3 of these spots simply because I can never decide.


Along with the official title of “Best Drunk Food in Eugene” Uly’s will also receive an award from The Black Sheep and be featured in an upcoming video!




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