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5 Awkward Spots to Tan on UO’s Campus


Eugene weather is as bipolar as that one friend who seems like she’s “totally chill” at the pregame, and then gets kicked out of  Taylor’s for smashing glasses on the floor. But when the sun does come out, the real challenge is finding somewhere to soak up the rays, because Ducks know best that you gotta take advantage of the sun while it decides to stick around. 

5.) The New EMU Courtyard:

Along with an improved EMU building, the courtyard in the back by Straub is a nice addition to the campus with opportunities to lie out on the beautiful field of grass. After class in Straub, you can just walk out, pull up one of the lounge chairs and strip on down! UO students pride themselves on standing out, so why not make a statement in the middle of a big public area?

4.) The Median of Grass on Agate St. In-Between Hamilton and Walton:

If you live over in Hamilton or Walton then grab a towel, look both ways before you cross the street, and snag a spot on the median in the middle of Agate. UO students are sometimes seen chilling on the median, and there’s a lot of open space on it with minimal shade. Just know there will be traffic, so be prepared to put on a show.

3.) On a Table Outside of Taylor’s:

The deck outside of Taylor’s can get some pretty good sunlight during the day, so be bold and grab one of the wooden tables, lay your towel on top, and cozy up with a Fuck-It-Bucket. What better mix is there than sun and alcohol? None. The answer is none. 

2.) The Eugene Pioneer Cemetery on Campus:

This one is for all you morbid Ducks out there. If you’re emo as fuck then go ahead and find a sliver of sun peaking through the trees on the cemetery plot, and add some color to your ghostly pale Oregon skin. The best part is you don’t have to feel self-conscious about being out there, because you’re not the only one lying around. Although, you will be the only body with any color on your complexion. R.I.P.

1.) The Sidelines of the UO Rec Fields:

After you work out at the Rec, head outside to the turf fields where other ducks will be playing soccer, frisbee, or a quick game of football. There’s plenty of space on the sidelines to lay out, plus you also get an awesome view of the lacrosse boys swinging their sticks.

 Throw on your tanning attire, grab the tanning lotion, and chose one of these places on campus to get your bronze on!

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