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5 Things at UO That We’re “Definitely” Looking Forward to Coming Back to After Break


Now that it’s almost time to start thinking about heading back from Christmas break, there are several things we have to be thankful for.  Picture it now: as you’re slogging off to your first classes of a new term, you can reminisce about break and be happy that you’re back at school drinking copious amounts booze of out of red Solo cups, eating giant bowls of sticky ramen, and getting back to all of the other things you totally missed while you were gone.

5.) Doing Your Own Laundry and Cooking For Yourself:

We can all agree that having our moms do our laundry took away one of our favorite hobbies.  We all look forward to going back to school and wearing the same pair of crusty socks until it becomes a health hazard before trudging down to the basement to do our laundry.  Going back to ramen and Doritos is incredibly refreshing after all of the hot homemade meals we were forced to eat every night at home.  Who needs fancy China dishes? It’ll be a relief to go back to using paper plates and reusing plastic forks.

4.) You Don’t Have to Sleep in Anymore:

With the advent of winter term we have an excuse to wake up bright and early for our morning classes.  Nothing like starting your day off at 8 a.m. with Spanish class and the 20-degree walk to Pacific Hall.  Over break we wasted our days being well rested and focusing on our mental health. Big mistake.  Life at Oregon is best lived with a Red Bull in each hand.  

3.) Going to Hirons to Pick Up Gifts for All the People You Forgot About:        

Better late than never, right? Hirons is full of tacky shot glasses and bizarre gifts, perfect for broke college students attempting to get into the spirit of giving.  The only thing they lack is a six-pack, but a case of Keystone Light can be conveniently purchased next door at the Market of Choice.  This is also the perfect time to regift all the presents given to you back home that you have no use for, like that haunting UO garden gnome your least favorite aunt gave you.

2.)The Weather:

After leaving a sunny Cali holiday we look forward to the harsh winds and the icy roads.  Thank God we don’t have to pack our flip flops and bikinis when headed back to school, it’s not like there’d be room under our parkas anyway.  

1.) The New Term Means Eleven Weeks Full of Opportunity:

We can all relate to waking up late and running to our 9 a.m. bio class and then realizing that this term it’s a 9 a.m. lit class on the other side of campus.   The worst is when the cute boy from Sigma Apple Pie sits down next to you in class and you realize that paying attention will be impossible for the rest of the quarter.  Regardless the new term leaves infinite room to fuck everything up.

Whatever your feelings are about coming back to UO after the break, just be thankful you don’t go to OSU.

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