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5 Ways to Keep Cool in the Hot n’ Dirty Eug.


Let’s be honest, the weather this spring term has been absolute shit. The sun we look forward to all winter term has failed us. It is week seven yet we’ve only had one full week of sun, not acceptable Oregon. While you must prepare yourselves for the sun, you must also get ready to brave the heat that we all sometimes forget comes with it. Here are five ways to stay cool in Eugene for the rest of the term – or if you’re stuck here for the summer, too.

5.) Visit Triangle Lake Rock Slides:
Yeah, yeah, we get that this isn’t necessarily in Eugene, but it’s only like 30 minutes away. Grab your buddies and your floaties, and head to the rock slides. They’re majorly fun, the water isn’t completely freezing, and there’s a pretty risque jump spot! Plus, there’re always a ton of drunk idiots for your entertainment.

4.) Invest in Hirons Squirt Guns:
If you’ve never initiated a squirt gun fight amongst your friends, now’s the time. Go to Hirons where you can get ten squirt guns real cheap. They’re small and kinda shitty, but they’ll do the job, at least for a little. Round up your homies and make a game out of it! Winners can use their squirt guns for celebratory squirt gun shots (with cold alcohol of course).

3.) Spend Some Extra Time in the Knight Lib:
The sun may want to make you spend all your available free time outside, but don’t forget about your schoolwork. Instead of trying to do your calc homework outside with a sweaty forehead, take a break and head inside the Knight library. It’s always air-conditioned, and there’s no better way to spend a nice day than in the great indoors. 

2.) Buy a Slip n’ Slide for the Rec. Fields:
You’re guaranteed to know at least one person in Eugene with a big enough yard for one of these babies. But if not, take it to the Rec. Fields and set up a Slip’n’Slide there! Everyone loves going for a ride, so chances are your Slip n’ Slide will be the perfect dayger starter. If you skimp on the beer, then you might as well not even come. 

1.) Float the Willamette:
This should be the most obvious way to cool down because it’s by far the best way! Whether you favor the Willamette or the Mackenzie River, hit them up! Grab a twelve-pack, some snacks, your dumb friends, your floats (duh), and spend the day lounging on the river with your best buds. It’s the best place to get your tan on, and your float on.

Say goodbye to rain, hello to the wonderful sun, and use these five ways to beat the heat and prepare yourselves for the end of spring term!

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