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UO Student From California Found Crying About “Cold” Spring Weather

Spring term has arrived at the University of Oregon, and students have welcomed it with open arms! Freshman student, Samantha Parkington, has been looking forward to this term and the sunny, warm weather it was said to bring. Parkington, being from Southern California, misses the sun and has been counting down the days until she can finally stow away her rain boots.

However, when Parkington returned to Eugene after Spring Break, she was stunned to see that the weather was still rainy, and only a few degrees higher than usual. In a spur of emotion, Parkington did the only thing that could properly and maturely express her thoughts on the disappointing weather: she cried.

“What the HELL, Eugene?” Parkington sobs. “Um, sixty-six-degree weather is practically freezing, and I already left all my winter clothes at home over break!”

Many California students have shared Parkington’s frustration. Sophomore student from “The Bay,” Carter Peterson, has already dealt with the chilly Eugene spring climate last year. His aggravation has only gotten worse in the past year. “Like, first I have to pay out-of-state tuition, and now I have to live in this shitty weather?” Peterson argues, holding back suppressed tears.

Students from Eugene understands that the weather is not the most ideal, but are “done” listening to California students complain, one in particular, claiming, “LOL. They could probably help with the California drought with all the pathetic tears they have shed over this.”

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