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Puddles to Face Charges After Relentlessly Harassing Students at PK Park, Again


This past weekend at the University of Oregon, junior Lauren Butler, was waved at, hugged, and danced around by Puddles, UO’s mascot, during a baseball game. Due to the duck’s harassment, he is to potentially to face charges for his behavior. 

Livid about her Puddles encounter Butler recounted, “Puddles came up to me and stole my phone. After taking a couple of selfies, I asked for my phone back and in return he stole one of my Converse right off of my foot. He continued to parade it around PK Park for 20 minutes. He just kept laughing and telling me ‘it was sleeping.’”

After she reported to have been cursing and swearing under her breath for at least 10 minutes, he finally gave her shoe back by throwing it in the opposite direction and dancing away.

“You would smack down anyone else on site, but I’m not allowed to fuck with this duck because he’s ‘cute?’ No. I’m done.”

Butler said the encounter left feeling battered and distraught, and now whenever a duck crosses her path, she is severely triggered. Lauren wants to raise awareness about the harmful actions of Puddles to ensure that mascots across the country don’t have the opportunity to continue annoying students. 

Lauren is currently considering filing a report to animal services to see if she can get justice for her suffering. As for Puddles, she recommends, “Keep the costume on in order to avoid any real harassment charges.”

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