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The Syllabus Week Drinking Game: Eugene Addition


Syllabus week means it’s time to rage. It’s the only week of the year that won’t affect your grades, so naturally, we express our academic freedom by consuming masses amounts of alcohol because, well, fuck it, it’s syllabus week. Since most UO students are back in Eugene after spending the holidays at home, what better way to get back into the Eugene groove than a drinking game?


6.) Take a Shot for All the Weird Tinder Matches You Get:

Nothing cures that post holiday depression better than getting tipsy and swiping right through Tinder. But, in a town like Eugene, there’s no telling who your next swipe will be. It could be the love of your life or a Juggalo, you never know. And nothing heals that holiday weight-gain self esteem issue better than getting matched with those said Juggalos. Take two shots for every Super Like you get.


5.) Take a Shot for Those Poor Souls Still Wearing Birkenstocks:

Nothing against the shoes, but winter is definitely not the time, especially now that Eugene is covered in so much snow it looks like a mirror from the Scarface set. But, this is Eugene, and if there isn’t at least one person wearing Birkenstocks at all times, the city would explode.  


4.) Take a Shot for Each Person You See Slipping on Ice:

With school back in session, there are now thousands of Californians who haven’t seen water in five years falling on their asses. So, if you’re looking for something to do just pull up a chair, pack up that flask for warmth and enjoy the misery around campus. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Tuesday evening than watching people break their faces on the ice.


3.) Take a Shot for the Frat Guys That are Still Wearing Shorts:

There is no ‘ball is life’ bullshit any more folks; its 30 degrees outside, take the basketball shorts off. No one is trying to dunk on you in this weather. It’s time to retire the ~fuckboy~ uniform until the sun decides to grace us with it’s presence again. .  


2.) Take a Shot for All the New Faces You See at the REC:

Okay, you might actually kill yourself if you did this. With it being the beginning of a new year and a new term, the REC is at its peak popularity. It is now going to be packed with optimistic, “new year new me” preaching students bound to retire their tennis shoes come week five.


1.) Take a Shot for Every Eugene Weirdo You See:

If Eugene has any trademark, besides being Tracktown USA, it’s that the town is a mecca for weirdoes and outcasts alike. But that’s what makes Eugene so much better than other Oregon cities, like Corvallis. So keep your eyes open because only in Eugene would you see a pregnant woman holding a 64oz slushy in one hand and a fishing pole in the other.

Winter term is here, and that means six more months in this strange place. But no matter how much Eugene makes us say “WTF,” there’s no place we rather call home. At least until June, then it’s back to California for most of you.

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