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UOregon Dayger Drinking Game


Now that the sun has returned to Eugene for the summer, here’s the perfect drinking game to ensure you get hammered at your next dayger.

Take a shot every time…

You See Someone Wearing a Fanny Pack form Hirons:

Fanny packs are perfect for stashing your keys, condoms, broken sunglasses, etc. safely, so you’re bound to come across at least 47. Take a shot every for every Hirons fanny pack you see, and then ask if you can bum a cigarette off of them. 

Someone Asks You Which Sorority/Fraternity You’re In:

Apparently it’s impossible to go five minutes without being questioned about your Greek affiliation. This question is usually followed by, “Oh rad, I used to date someone in that house” or “Hey do you know so and so? We made out at a party a while back.” We get it, you fuck. Politely ask them to step aside so you can rip a shot on their behalf. 

Take a large sip of your drink every time…

You Hear Someone say ‘Sco Ducksss’:

Despite the fact that it’s no longer football or basketball season, Oregon pride never wavers. Take a sip of your drink every time you hear the classic “sco ducks!” and you’re bound to be as full of alcohol as you are school spirit. 

Someone Spills their Drink on You:

Dancing (and grinding) individuals in your general vicinity ares major inconveniences, especially when you’re sober, so chug your drink and join in.

See Frat Boys Playing Beer Die:

Have you ever been to a party where frat boys haven’t set up a game of beer die on a table, car, pledge, etc.? Yeah, neither have we. Even if you don’t play, use it as an excuse to down your drink and laugh at the boys falling over trying to catch that die.

Someone Asks You if You Want to go to Caspian Afterward:

A good weekend is never complete without a run to Caspian. It’s typical to be invited at least twice to Caspian after a day of dayging. Take that last sip of your drink, and head out to curb your hunger.

Shotgun a beer if…

You Accidentally Step in a Bodily Fluid:

Everybody’s been there. Whether it’s vomit, urine, feces, semen, etc. it’s never a fun experience to feel that squish and look down only to find that you have stepped in something unsavory. Sometimes you just have to take the L, and throw your shoes out after an experience like that. Either way, you have free reign to chug a beer.

You Find a Girl Crying in the Bathroom at a Frat Live-Out:

This is always an awkward situation, so go ahead and shotgun two. The lines are always long, so you have a solid ten minutes to decide whether or not to ask her what happened, or just pee in peace.

There’s Food Provided at the Dayger:

Nothing beats walking into the backyard and seeing free food. Shotgun a beer to celebrate, then shovel five hotdogs in your face before they’re gone and you have to run to Cottage Market to get more snacks.

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