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UO Drinking Game: Baseball Edition


Baseball at the University of Oregon is all the rage this spring. With a recent win against SDSU, putting the ducks at 7-4, the team is looking at a great season. What better way to celebrate a Duck win than with a drinking game? This game is perfect to play on your couch if you can’t get a ticket to the game or, if you’re sneaky enough, to play at PK Park. Here are the rules:

Take a shot for every run the Ducks score:

This is bound to get you so wasted that you won’t even notice if your team loses. If that’s not enough, take a shot every time either team scores a run as well. In their last game against Mississippi this would have amounted to a whopping nine shots.

Take a shot every time the Fighting Duck gets up and dances:

There’s nothing better than seeing a giant green and yellow duck get up and do the worm in front of hundreds of people. Pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels and laugh along.

Take two shots if a fight breaks or a player/ coach is kicked out:

Make sure to knock back a couple of shots if a brawl breaks out.

Take a sip of beer every time there is an on base hit:

You can drink to celebrate when the Ducks get on base, and drink to forget the when opponents hit a triple.

Take two shots for every controversial call:

Instead of getting up and yelling every time the ump makes a bullshit call, restrain yourself for long enough to take two shots of tequila before bothering the neighbors with your anger.

Take a 3 shots if George Horton loses it:

Our head coach is pretty level headed, but something is bound to rile him up. A whole three shots is assigned if he starts yelling and flailing.

Chug a beer if there is a game winning run:

While you jump and cheer for the Ducks and another win shotgun a beer in support of our team

So win or lose you will leave the game hammered and happy. Sco’ ducks!


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