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UO Freshman Still Wearing IntroDUCKtion Lanyard Around his Neck


Over the summer leading into freshman year, each incoming student is gifted a UO lanyard during their IntroDUCKtion session. While students proudly use them for the duration of the summer, most learn quickly upon moving to Eugene that the trend of wearing them ends alongside high school.

This is not the case for fashion pioneer Matt Minuto, a freshman from the LLC residence hall. Claiming that lanyards are “not only functional, but aesthetic,” he staunchly defends the choice. “It helps me to not lose my keys while being able to add another dimension to my outfit.”

“It was a great look in high school,” admitted his friend Ryan Paul. It allowed you to flex your high school graduating year, favorite sports team, or college decision on your peers,” he explained. “By wearing a lanyard, you were seen as a cool, sporty type.”

“Unfortunately, in college nobody cares about those things,” Paul said. “I don’t understand how he hasn’t gotten the memo yet,” he continued. “Mine has been sitting in my desk this entire year. He actively marks himself as a freshman.”

Minuto has admitted that he has been stopped on campus by UO ambassadors asking him if he has any questions about applying to UO and that while going out, his friends still respond to upperclassmen yelling “Sco’ Ducks!” shouts.


Despite this, Minuto says that he has no plans on changing his style in the future. Asked by his RA if his fascination with looking like a freshman means he is planning on living in the dorms again for a second year, he quickly dispelled the notion. “Nah, I plan on living somewhere off campus,” he said. When asked if he planned to bring his lanyard with him, he responded, “of course. Where else am I supposed to keep my car and house keys?”

His friends have since resigned themselves to his lifestyle choices. “At least he’s better than a lot of people here,” conceded Paul. “Thank God he’s not also the type of person who uses an umbrella when it rains. At the end of the day, if he wants to look like he peaked in high school, that’s his prerogative.”


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