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7 Ways to Get Through Spring Term at UO if You’re Broke as Sh*t

Whether you’re broke due to splurging on Coachella or you’re just too lazy to get a job, wallets are feeling tight for many students here at the University of Oregon. Here is The Black Sheep’s guide to getting through spring term with little to no money:

7.) Screw Plato’s Closet, Rip Up Old Clothes for a Trendy Yeezy Vibe:

Old, grungy clothing can easily be reinvented with just a pair of scissors. Don’t waste your time selling your old clothes to places like Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet, when you can make your outfits look more expensive than what they’ll pay. You’ll be looking fab and fun in no time without breaking the bank.

6.) Take Safe Ride Everywhere Instead of Paying for Gas, or a Cab:

Safe Ride is an excellent program developed to help students get home safely. Who’s to say you don’t live at Taylors?

5.) Bathe in the Willamette River to Save on Water Bills:

While hygiene is an unfortunate necessity when leading a socially active lifestyle, water is expensive. Thus, showering is expensive. To save money, and keep your friends, take your shampoo and towel down to the Willamette for a liberating (and inexpensive) bath.

4.) Eat Qdoba Chips and Queso for Every Meal:

For $4.00, you can’t beat chips and queso. It’s filling and tasty, and with it’s cheesy carbohydrate goodness, it serves as a perfect stomach coating meal before a night of heavy drinking. If you can’t afford chips, just hang around inside and snatch people’s leftovers from the trash.

3.) Cover Yourself in Cornstarch Instead of Paying for Air Conditioning:

Temperatures soar during the spring, and so will your energy bill. Instead of paying for air conditioning, or a fan, just cover yourself in cornstarch. A tip publicized by an Oregon resident who is frequently naked and lathered in cornstarch to beat the heat.

2.) Steal Condiments from the Dining Halls:

When mooching off of your freshmen friends for a free meal, snatch a bottle of Sriracha on your way out to spice up your next meal of Cup O’ Noodles and beer. There’s never a better time to spice up your life, than during spring term. Literally.

1.) Take Toilet Paper and Paper Towels from Random Houses while Daging:

When at a dager, or walking through a dager, take a trip to the bathroom and search the cabinets for extra toilet paper to bring home. If you’re super lucky you might even find some air fresheners and magazines, which are easy to sneak out in a backpack.

With all these clever tips and tricks, you might even save up enough to live a normal lifestyle fall term!

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