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The Pros and Cons of the Single-Dorm Life

It’s the start of the year and everyone is getting into the groove of things. Freshmen are figuring out that they should probably not keep everyone up 24/7, seniors are finally letting the stress set in about those 40 missing credits, and the rest are settling into their dorms. For those of you living in single-dorms, The Black Sheep has come up with some of the major pros and cons of such a lifestyle.


Con: You become a pig




You know how when you lived in the same room as someone else, you had somewhat of a nagging feeling in the back of your skull to keep the room clean? Well that feeling is gone thanks to not having anyone to judge you! Food, clothes, wrappers, rappers, you name it will be all across your floor for the year to come.


Pro: You get to be naked



It’s so freeing just to not have any clothes on. And because we’re all so self-conscious nowadays and being naked scares other people, we couldn’t do such a thing in front of our past roommates. No need to worry now, just take your clothes off and throw them somewhere where you’ll never find them again and proceed to watch Netflix and eat ramen.


Prawn: No 2nd alarm clock

It’s simple, we need sleep and sleep feels nice. When you have a roommate with actual responsibilities, like work, they always had to get up before you and that pissed you off. Finally now you can sleep peacefully until 2 p.m. and skip all your important classes with participation credit! But on the other hand, if you actually need to get somewhere early and you sleep through your alarm clock because you have the sleeping skills equivalent to a Snorlax, your roommate won’t be there anymore to make sure you get your ass up. Pro+Con=Prawn, simple math.


Pro: Midnight party people



Yes, we are ready to party. And now, with all that guilt of keeping your roommate (who lent you that $20 two weeks ago that you still haven’t given back) up, you can play your annoying music and sing together with your imaginary friends all night long!


Con: Loneliness




Everyone has one or two stories of a roommate not being the best person to live with. Maybe they snored or they ate your burrito or they lost your favorite toothbrush, but they were your friend and lent you $20 and were generally pretty cool. Not having that person there to bitch to about your awful Calc professor or how Antoon’s raised their price will make you want to bitch at a wall. So call your old roommate, remind them that you care.


Pro: You get to show your interior design skills.



The entire wall space is yours! Now you may do with it as you please. We here at The Black Sheep have our priorities straight and only put up the finest of art upon our walls.


Pro: No distractions




Do you happen to remember of a thing called studying? We forgot over the summer as well, so don’t worry; but nonetheless, it’s important and incredibly easy to get distracted from. Whenever your roommate came in and wanted to tell you about the great volunteer work they did and how they gave a Forbes beggar a meal today, it was incredibly annoying to you and made you lose your entire train of thought. No longer will that be a worry however, because now the only distractions are the internet and your encumbering urge to not study.


Con: You’re probably not going to do much

Those nights playing games with your roommate, those shitty market meals you made together, that time you were sleepwalking and shook your roommate awake asking about the aliens; those are all in the past now and you’ll probably just be in your dirty room naked all the time.


But, there’s an easy remedy for that. Open up your door and make some friends with all the other crazy kids on your floor. Who knows? You might just find your new BFF and make some crazy memories with them too!

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