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Well-Rested LeBron to Not Sleep for Duration of Playoffs


LeBron James’ excessive rest has been well documented throughout the regular season, drawing the ire of basketball fans and NBA staff across the league. Fans have argued that they had spent hard-earned money just to see LeBron play, and when he doesn’t, it feels like a waste watching J.R. Smith attempt to fill in.


Commissioner Adam Silver even had to weigh in saying, “The NBA is a place where we inspire the youth to follow their dreams, and when LeBron sits out of games, what sort of example is he pushing?”

To combat the haters and appease the kids, LeBron has publicly stated he plans to avoid sleeping throughout the entirety of the NBA playoffs.



“Apparently I rested too much during the NBA regular season,” James exclaimed, “Now, I won’t rest at all. None. Is that what you all wanted?”


While this may seem a bit extreme to the casual basketball fan, not sleeping could be very beneficial to the basketball superstar. Sleeping takes many 8 hours a day, and without that weight holding him down, LeBron can truly live up to his “King James” moniker.


James’ coach Tyronn Lue commended him for the extra effort saying “LeBron now has so much more time to play, think, and watch basketball. If he’s avoiding sleep to watch film and practice his jump shot, I can’t think of any reasons why someone would be upset with him.”


After his 3a.m. workout LeBron held a press conference, saying, “My 3-pointer is going to be better than Steph’s with the extra 5 hours of practice every night. It’s gonna take far fewer than 7 games this year to eliminate those west coast punks.”


That was certainly a bold claim and it will be interesting to see if LeBron’s new method works out how he plans.


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