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5 Reasons Purdue Wrestling Should Be Your Favorite Sport

Let’s talk sports. Here at Purdue, we’re a Big Ten school. We have all sorts of athletic teams that compete to be the best. However, one sport seems to fall short when it comes to receiving credit where credit is due, and that’s Purdue’s wrestling team. They have outstanding records almost every year, and this year is no exception, considering they’re 32- 16 and they just started their season in October. If their record doesn’t impress you, here are 5 more reasons to watch Purdue Wrestling instead of Purdue football.


5.) It’s Not Football:

Sure, football can be fun to watch – except when your team has had their heads up their asses for the last four years. After all the great work Hazell did in leading us to a whopping 2 conference victories in the last 3 years, we’re pretty convinced Purdue fans could use a win. Head Westling Coach Tony Ersland actually knows what he’s doing when it comes to his team’s success. In just two years, he has had 18 Boilermaker wrestlers earn Academic All-Big Ten Conference honors and has pushed the team to obtain the highest core GPA in program history. The only thing the football team has managed to accomplish is the suspension of 4 of its players.


4.) Free Goodies:

Are you a broke college student? Do you love getting free shit? Do you need something to do to besides partying so your parents don’t think you’re a raging alcoholic? Head over to the Holloway Gymnasium and get free gloves or hot chocolate. Don’t worry about having to pay for a ticket either, because Purdue does this awesome thing where they keep it free so fans can actually see their team win something.


3.) IU Sucks At It:

Unlike our football team, who disappointed us once again with a 2-point loss against IU last Saturday, the Boilermaker wrestlers last year took down IU in Bloomington with a 30-9 final score. So, we came out on top. Literally. That day alone, the wrestlers scored more takedowns than our football team ever will touchdowns.


2.) It’s Kinda Like Watching WWE:

Men like to watch other men being thrown around like rag dolls. Why? The world may never know. But, although both wrestling and football are contact sports, there’s always a higher chance that you’ll witness some major WWE action if you go to a wrestling match, which makes for a pretty exciting experience. For the ladies, Purdue wrestlers are young, attractive, muscular men in tight little singlets. So, if the rough-housing doesn’t appeal to you, just look at how beautiful the players are. What woman wouldn’t love that?


1.) The Atmosphere:

We get that you probably don’t understand the sport, and that’s okay. We promise that by the end of a meet, you will be on your feet – and that’s better than on your knees, like the football team. For some reason, since the Greeks started wrestling in ancient times, people have been experiencing the rush of watching sweaty men roll around on a mat. We can’t explain it, but it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, sort of like coming home for break and finally getting to see your dog.


So, come out and watch the Purdue Wrestling team take on the Hoosiers on January 13th during Mackey Mayhem. IU is about to get hammered down – Boilermaker style.

You went drinking, now you’re stuck pooping. How’s that going for ya?

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