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5 Telltale Signs it’s Autumn in West Lafayette

Leaves are changing and temperatures are dropping. Besides these obvious changes in the environment, there are many other telltale signs that it’s Autumn in West Lafayette, and The Black Sheep has identified them. See how many of these signs you spot now that it’s officially fall at Purdue.

5.) A much-deserved break:
Unlike many other schools, fall at Purdue means a four-day break right before midterms. This is to make up for the amount of stress we’re about to endure. IU only gets Friday off, which is just another reason that Purdue is so much better than the Loosiers in Bloomington. Students return from this mini-vacation to find that fall at Purdue is in full swing.

4.) The Han Solo effect:
We see them everywhere—girls in white shirts with black vests and riding boots. Han Solo set this trend back in 1983 in Return of the Jedi. Basics everywhere have adapted the outfit in order to combat the brisk autumn air in West Lafayette (as if it were as cold here as it is on Hoth).

3.) Stinkbugs EVERYWHERE:
Many people hail fall at Purdue as the season that bugs crawl back into the hell from whence they came. But for some reason, stinkbugs didn’t book their bus tickets. It seems like they tend to multiply by the thousands once October rolls around. And in addition to these little devils…

2.) Shitberry trees:
Fall at Purdue always brings about a lovely color palette in the trees. But it also brings about a disgusting odor from the trees all over campus. Lovingly called “shitberry trees” by the students, these in combination with the stinkbugs produce a stench that not even a thousand Pumpkin Spice Lattes could mask. Speaking of Pumpkin Spice Lattes…

1.) PSL groupies:
As soon as Starbucks starts making the PSL again, the line in the Union suddenly becomes so long that it could probably reach the moon (a feat that Boilers know plenty about). The PSL craze has even led other companies to give pumpkin spice a try. Even Burnetts jumped on the bandwagon with their Pumpkin Spiced Vodka. Pick it up at Village Bottle Shoppe and play this game over October Break.

Fall at Purdue brings about many wonderful things. But, like life, there’s always compromise. The weather may be perfect in West Lafayette now, but unfortunately, students won’t get to enjoy it because we’ll all be stuck in the library, crying and preparing for midterms. But we wouldn’t want to celebrate fall anywhere else!

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