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7 Ways to Get Cheap Textbooks at Rutgers Since You’re Very Poor

It’s the beginning of the semester and we all know what that means: textbook season! Rutgers students will be spending hundreds of dollars (already on top of the thousands we spend on our mediocre football team—errr tuition). Here are seven ways to finesse cheap textbooks so you can be less of a broke college kid.

 7.) Make a friend so you can share. Yeah, “share”…:

See a person over there that looks like they’re a pushover and has a good heart? Go up to them, follow them to wherever they’re going after class (even if it includes taking a EE during rush hour— so be it) and try not to be creepy. Then, wait until they eventually buy a textbook for the class, ask to borrow it, then just keep it. Rutgers has thousands of students; chances are you won’t ever run into them again. Only use this method in lecture halls because it could get awkward in small classes.

 6.) Buy a textbook then return it:

Copying a textbook is moderately legal, but the astronomical prices that Barnes & Nobles offer should definitely be illegal. We’re expected to go downstairs to what seems like Hell, but really just the textbook and school supply floor to spend a ridiculous amount of money, for what? To feed into the capitalist machine! This is what Rutgers gets for closing down the cheap bookstore on Easton, we will never forget you NJ Books.

 5.) Entertain on the bus:

Bus rides are long and boring. Bring some life to the bus and entertain! Depending on the amount of space, you could sing, rap, or even pole dance to make a few tips. You could become viral while making a few dollars to spend on your textbooks. It’s a quick way to get cash and even make a living. Times are tough and maybe bus performing is your calling!

 4.) Convince your professor that books are bad:

Make an announcement in class about how textbooks are violating your safe space and that you’re boycotting them. Rutgers is a liberal university, so they wouldn’t want to risk their open-minded reputation because of a textbook. The hippies on Cook/Douglass would love to join in the boycott. Making a Facebook group could definitely help you emphasize your point. Rutgers should be a safe space and shouldn’t be imposing textbooks onto its student body!

3.) Drop the Class:

Let’s be honest here, the RU Screw is real and has everybody staying 5 years for their undergrad. Just drop all classes that need textbooks. Get yourself a nice online class or just be a part-time student and chill out for the semester. You deserve it.

 2.) Edit the syllabus and distribute it:

In huge lecture halls, it’s easy for teachers to not notice anything. Before class starts, circulate an edited syllabus with no required textbooks. This works best in Scott Hall since its so hot and professors are concentrating on getting out. With your new revised syllabus, technically there was never a textbook for the class. No textbook= No money spent on a textbook!

 1.) Sell Lemonade:

Holding a lemonade stand is not only for children, but college students could also benefit from the easy cash. Strategically place your stand at The Yard because when people are getting off cramped and hot busses, you’ll be there selling ice cold lemonade at reasonable prices. It also won’t hurt to spike some of the lemonades with a little vodka. It’s still syllabus week— fuck it!

So to all of you out there that still bitch about expensive textbooks, there’s no reason to anymore. We hope this list will put your mind and wallet at ease so you could spend that extra cash on booze.

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