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Rutgers Student Can’t Seem to Find An Apartment to Sublet Over the Summer


Like many Rutgers students, Scarlett Johnson, a School of Arts and Science sophomore and local connoisseur of dining hall coffee, was looking for a place she could sublet so that she could live on campus during the summer, but simply could not find one. 

“I was having my mid-day Monday espresso at Brower, just browsing the various Rutgers Facebook groups I’m in,” said Johnson. “I thought I could find a place to sublet easily, but it was way harder than I thought.”

Johnson says that there is virtually no one posting in Facebook groups about apartments or houses available for sublet anymore. 

“Every time I get a Facebook notification on my phone I get excited because I think it’s a sublet offer,” said Johnson. “I click it, and it ends up being a post about petting puppies to relieve stress. Ugh.”

Johnson says she wishes that there were tons and tons of offers in the various Rutgers related Facebook groups. 

On the other hand, Jimmy Bean, a first-year student at Rutgers who’s trying to get rid of his expos book, is finding it increasingly difficult to get his post noticed with all the meaningful and original content being posted.

“Everyone’s posting super great content in the group, so it’s hard to compete,” said Bean. “It’s so original and consistent. Whether it be funny articles or even just a relatable meme about Rutgers, it becomes kind of difficult for a post like mine to get noticed.”

Despite this, Johnson is keeping her chin up and hopes high. “I know that one day I’ll get that notification that there’s a sublet offer,” she said.

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