The Men’s Fall Fashion Guide to Fitting in at BC

author-pic at Boston College  

Now that the air has turned brisk and grades have begun to drop almost as fast as the leaves on Linden Lane, we can officially say that fall is here. For the ladies, that means breaking out the Bean boots, black leggings, and oversized puffer jackets from last year to flaunt around the quad. But for the dudes just being dudes, fall fashion is a bit more difficult to manage. To help you out, we comprised the top five looks every male Eagle should wear this autumn. This is the BC guide to men’s fall fashion guide to fitting in at BC.

5.) Vision in Vineyard Vines:

To complete this fall look, all you need to do is make sure everything in your wardrobe is from Vineyard Vines. Chances are, you’ve already done this. Throw a whale-embroidered quarter-zip over that long sleeve checkered button down, and make sure to wear your fleece lined Sperrys if you don’t want to be shivering in your perspectives class. Feel free to pair the getup with a thick, salmon colored vest to let everyone know just how preppy you really are. And for a bonus accessory, cover your cold ears with a backwards cap that doesn’t really cover your ears at all!

4.) Plex Personality:

A classic for all seasons, this outfit revolves around pretending you just came from the Plex, so muster up some extra beads of sweat when walking up the million dollar steps to really sell your attire. Make sure to wear a way-too-tight compression shirt in an obnoxious shade of red, or any random BC athletics sweatshirt to make it seem like you know what you’re doing. Don’t have that much-craved athlete backpack to complete the look? That’s ok: just wear this look ALL YEAR and no one will know that you haven’t actually worked out yet this semester.

3.) The CSOM:

Fall is prime time for interview season in the finance world, so to fit in with the big boys, you’re going to have to look the part. For The CSOM, all you need to do is find a suit and tie and put those suckers on! Dust off the business shoes from your cousin’s wedding, and carry a padfolio to make it seem like you just aced a Skype call with Deloitte. To complete your adult dress-up costume, add a totally out of place BC brand backpack that does not go with the suit AT ALL. The good thing about this look in the fall is that for once, you won’t be sweating through your button down while walking on Stokes lawn.

2.) Chillest Bro on Earth:

For all you boys that just want to be comfortable in the chilly weather, this look is for you. The key is to look like you don’t give a shit and just rolled out of bed, but kind of pull it off. Get out the groutfit and pair a cozy sweatshirt with grey sweatpants to make it seem like you’re too cool for your 8am discussion section. Obviously, Ugg moccasins are the only way to go when pretending like you care, so cozy on up in those not-shoes (they are totally slippers, don’t try to pretend otherwise). Tousled hair will be the cherry on top for this lazy ass look. Just try not to fall asleep in class.

1.) The Not Chilled Chillest Bro on Earth

We KNOW you are cold! Stop lying to yourself! To look like a total asshole who pretends he can’t feel temperature, just grossly under-dress for the weather. Wear a tank top and shorts in 40-degree weather, and throw on some flip-flops to complete the outfit. Shiver visibly ever couple of minutes to remind passersby that you are actually human and not an unfeeling robot. To really sell this final look, tell everyone who’s nearby how hot it is, and how everyone wearing a sweatshirt is for pussies. Yeah, ok. Keep shivering.

Fall is a great time for men to really show their fashionable side and dress completely differently than how they dress in the summer and spring. Or not. Most likely you’ll just throw on the same outfit you’ve worn 200 other times this semester. Just PLEASE Febreze it first!

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