The Bachelor’s Corinne Diagnosed with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

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In the timeless struggle of 30 hot girls competing for the heart of one hot man on national television, one of this season’s contestants of The Bachelor faces a struggle of her own. Corinne O., 24-year-old from Miami, Florida, faces the harsh reality of recently being diagnosed with EDS, otherwise known as Excessive Daytime Sleepiness. 

Corinne’s diagnosis explains her constant need to nap, whether it be through the Rose Ceremony, or after being seen canoodling with Nick on a bouncy house. One of the nation’s top sleep specialists suggests, “Corinne’s sporadic sleep patterns could be a result of stress, genetic hypersomnia, or the copious amounts of alcohol she drinks. As Corinne’s blood alcohol content rises, as does her sluttiness, and sleepiness.”  

Though the stress of running a multimillion dollar company could be keeping Corinne up at night, numerous contestants seem to think otherwise. The truth of the matter is more than half of the remaining girls in the house can attest to hearing Corinne in the kitchen late at night facetiming with a personal friend, an unofficial family member of sorts, her trusted nanny Raquel. Night after night she labors over the stove, boiling water, stirring in noodles, adding dairy animal by-products, all while following Raquel’s specific directions to perfect her intricate cheese pasta recipe.

Dolphin Girl recalls, “Once, I found Corinne crying on the kitchen floor at like 3 a.m. in the mansion. She was surrounded by shredded cheddar and kept saying how her cheese pasta would never be good enough.” Countless other sightings similar to this were reported by not only The Blonde Baby Nurse, but The Girl with The Southern Accent, and The Bisexual Girl as well.

Whether it’s the copious stress brought on by Corinne’s “not privileged” lifestyle or the draining emotional stress of asking her nanny to do her laundry, this beat broad’s battle with EDS is as real as the one for Nick’s heart. And the one to make cheese pasta.