Remembering the New Physics Building Tree: Split Open but Not Forgotten

author-pic at University of Florida  

 Oh giant oak tree, you served so many purposes over your 300 years of life. A shady spot to study before classes, a nice ditch to host an existential crisis, and a quaint bathroom to use on the way home from frat-row tailgates. Now you are sadly all gone after Hurricane Irma rudely swept you away. Taken away too soon.

You brought us gnats, leaves, and giant drops of water that seemed to always land on our phone screens as we walked under you. But, you were also a beacon. A signal, that you were at your final destination after walking for what felt like hours from Turlington. Our shining symbol that we were about to find scooter parking, and a horrible omen that we were headed to a class that was going to make us audibly sigh at least 12 times throughout the lecture.  

Beneath your elegant branches made for a beautiful spot to take a selfie that we could hashtag with the word “nature”, while also actually enjoying being outside. Countless graduation pictures and Snapchats were taken under your glorious glow, and for that, you will be missed. 

You made our campus more beautiful, you made our study breaks more bearable, and you were the star of the physics department. So NPB tree, thank you.  

Remember to pour one out for the good ol’ NPB Oak, and buy a bag of fertilizer in its memory. R.I.P. to a real one.  

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