ISU Students Begin Camping Outside of UIUC Bars in Preparation for Unofficial

author-pic at University of Illinois  

Students from other schools flock to UIUC to engage in celebrating Unofficial by binge drinking, taunting cops and vomiting in front of business at 2 p.m. Today, ISU students have been seen setting up tents outside of popular bars on campus.

“We were coming here for Monday Night Joe’s anyway,” said Brittany Germ, a junior from ISU. “We thought we might as well take advantage of the party bus and stay here all week.”

Germ explained their rationale while attempting to untangle her tent.

“Unofficial happens the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day every year but you never know what could happen. Maybe the UIUC students will start drinking this Thursday. We don’t want to miss out on any of the partying.”” Germ said. “At ISU, I’ll be lucky to get drunk and go home with someone, but here at UIUC I heard someone threw a couch off a building. I’m not strong enough to throw a couch, but I’d like to be drunk enough to think I could.”

However not all ISU students are as optimistic as Germ. Danny Gross, a senior at Illinois State University studying accounting,holds a different opinion.

“When I originally agreed to stay out on the street, I thought we’d be in a RV, not in a $20 tent Brittany got from Walmart,” ISU senior Danny Gross said. “I think the students here think that we’re homeless. You would think this would be an advantage but they just ignore us while we ask them what the move is.”

UIUC students are getting a little irritated with the ISU campers. Kyle Williamson, a senior studying geology at the University of Illinois, tripped over one of the tents that had been put up in front of Red Lion. This will be Williamson’s fourth Unofficial celebration.

“No, I know they’re not homeless. Honestly, I don’t understand why so many people come from out of town. People day drink almost every weekend here,” Williamson said. “The only differences are that it’s on a Friday and not a Saturday, people wear green instead of jerseys and we don’t call it Spring Block.”


Williamson does see why ISU students would want to come down for Unofficial.

“It’s nice to see so many students out but when you take the time to look at them you can see they’re from Purdue, ISU and Bradley,” Williamson said. “But I guess if coming to UIUC once a year to get shitfaced makes them feel better about not getting into UIUC, that’s fine.”

Urbana Police will be temporarily lowering the speed limit on Green Street this week to prevent anyone accidentally hitting one the tents that have started being put up in the street.

“While we absolutely don’t condone binge drinking or underage drinking, we’d like for the out of state students to do it,” said Urbana Police Chief Jon Jones. “They’re new to the area and will have a harder time getting away from one of us. While we don’t condone the celebrations, the drinking tickets we give out yearly at Unofficial did help us pay for new cop cars.”

Unofficial will take place this Friday, March 3.

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