KU Student Misses Full Day of Classes After Holding Open Underground Door

author-pic at University of Kansas  

University of Kansas junior Macy Walker shocked her classmates and professors when they learned she missed an entire day of classes because she was stuck holding the door open at the Underground.

“I was heading to lunch in the Underground when I decided I’d hold the door open for someone behind me. It was in that moment that I realized I fucked up,” Macy said in between muttering “you’re welcomes” to unconcerned students who she held the door open for.

Macy stated that her first class didn’t start until noon, so she was certain she’d have enough time to eat at the Underground before class.

“She’s always here early asking for extra credit opportunities, so I was really surprised when she didn’t show up,” said Macy’s psychology professor, Julie Sull. “However, I’m not surprised this is what’s holding her up. I mean, holding the door open for people? I thought she was just kissing ass in my class.”

Macy not only missed important lecture notes, but she also missed the chance to present two projects that were both worth 40% of her grade.

“I really hate myself now, you know that? I thought I would be nice and hold the door open for one or two people, and before you know it I’ve missed a class and two presentations,” she said. “Nice guys really do finish last.”

Macy may feel poorly about her decision to be a decent human being and hold the door open, but her actions did not go unnoticed.

“I made sure to thank her for her service as I went through. I’ve been in that situation before; it makes you just want to slam the door in every unsuspecting freshman’s face as hard as you can,” said senior Mike North.

While Macy may fail academically this semester, she certainly has the skill set to be a Walmart greeter, so it’s not all bad news.

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