The 9 Best Pieces of Bathroom Graffiti Found At Cal

author-pic at UC Berkeley  

Bathroom graffiti: the epitome of true American art. Artists across the UC Berkeley campus have participated in the art form for years, seemingly undeterred by the constant reapplication of paint over their masterpieces. Looking for some extra good installations? Check out some of the best bathroom graffiti found at Cal, and pencil these exhibits into your next big on-campus poop.

9.) This lil’ bit of body positivity:

Does anyone feel glamorous when they’re pooping? Well, thanks to this gem spotted in the basement of Evans Hall, now you can! #feminism #everybodypoops

8.) This piece of childhood:

Coming to you from Doe Library, this work of art contains a reference to both Queen AND Spongebob. 10/10 would recommend for a nice chuckle break to keep yourself from breaking down midway through your Main Stacks cram sesh. 

7.) This enigma:

Discovered on the first floor of Evans Hall, this masterpiece is perfect for the more artistically inclined. What is it? A birdhouse? A birdhouse on snakes? A hobbit hole with incomplete plumbing? The possibilities are endless!

6.) A pick me up:

Ever get the feeling that you’re stuck in “a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm” of “the quality or state of being mediocre”? Of course you are! You go to Berkeley! On the days that you’re feeling this a little extra though, check out VLSB to remind yourself that you’re not alone, and there are people out there who care about you enough to vandalize the bathroom walls.

5.) A questionable truth?:

With this one, we think this resident of Mulford they may have misspelled “longer,” but what’s really the difference?

4.) Progressivism! Liberalism!:

Okay, so this one isn’t technically graffiti, but shout out to Moffitt for your inclusive bathrooms! Take that, North Carolina.

3.) This social commentary:

Ahh VLSB, you never fail to disappoint. With your countless truly impactful political debates, we could spend hours in here (as y’all obviously have done writing novels). 

2.) Puns!:

VLSB back at it again, wowie! Who doesn’t love a good (or really, really shitty) pun?

1.) Ask and thou shalt receive:

You know, Berkeley may not have enough GSIs, our football team may be in massive debt, late night may have been cancelled, and most of our public funding may go to campus security so that the likes of Milo Yiausfjbnfos can throw huge hissy fits, but we do have one thing: locks for our bathroom. Thanks Berkeley!

Next time you find yourself on the toilet around campus, look up from your phone at take a look around the stall. You never know what treasure you’re sure to find next!

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