Conservative Man Breaks Leg Celebrating Obamacare Repeal, Can’t Afford Cast

author-pic at UC Davis  

Congress’ recent decision to repeal Obamacare has led to widespread celebrations among conservatives. Alabama native and frequent Paul Finebaum caller Kevin Wright, broke his leg jumping from trailer-house roof into a kiddie pool during a “NOBAMA” shotgun-firing-blow-up-pool-party celebration.

”I could’a just sworn it was just’a few feet closer to that durn trailer than it were. The ole’ ball n’ chain probably moved the pool just so I’d bust my ass,” Wright explained.  

Although Wright is enthralled by the repeal of Obamacare and the loss of his own health insurance, he can no longer afford a cast for his newly-broken leg.

To compensate for this loss of coverage, Wright began collecting various pieces of plastic, hay, Saran wrap, and chewed gum to craft a more affordable cast.

“It’s tricky. Thought you could rely on that there government when ya needed a hand, but that DERN OBAMA!” Wright noted, “I pay taxes. Every year. Except for a few when I was in prison for insurance fraud.”

Despite Wright’s need for the services Obamacare provides, he has made recent efforts to continue the protest and repeal of Obamacare. Mr. Wright has logged into his AOL account to start a campaign to not only eliminate Obamacare, but also remove from their offices any government workers in favor of Obamacare.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Wright stated, “If you or anyone you know has suffered from the tax-dollar-sucking Obamacare, please reach out to your local government officials. It is time for a change. Again.”

Details for contact information for The Wright Foundation are provided below. If interested, call (699)-OBMA-SUX.