7 Valentine’s Day Cards for Cornellians to Give to That Special Someone

author-pic at Cornell  


You’re a Cornellian, which means your beautiful and unique. You’re special enough to get into an Ivy, but not quite special enough to get into one of the good ones. But…you’re better than Penn! In that spirit, celebrate today’s love with some cards only another Big, Throbbing Red could love. 


Valentine's Day Cards_161 Things

It’s so high on the list because it’s most important to the culture of this school.


McGraw Tower

*Wink wink*


General Chemistry

It’ll Be Long and Hard.



I’ll only be slightly annoyed.


The Cornell Store

Whatever it is babe, I’ll charge it to my bursar.



I’ve got those BRB’s loaded.



Something like you is so rare, even though it shouldn’t be, it is.