6 of the Best Walk of Shame Routes Around KU

author-pic at University of Kansas  

You know when you get just a bit too drunk? Maybe you mixed the screwdrivers badly, or lost track of how many shots you’ve taken. You end up staying late, hooking up with some rando, and are left with no ride at 2 a.m. Don’t worry though, The Black Sheep has you covered. Here are KU’s six best walk of shame routes. You should probably bookmark this.

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Route 6:

Like the spilled beer down your shirt, the path you’ll take is erratic and slow-going. You’ll make about three wrong turns and end up in the wrong apartment block before finally tumbling through the door and drinking a gallon of water.

Route 5:

This one is quite the trek, but you chose to live past 9th Street so it’s kinda your fault. On the bright side, the long walk after a Tinder hookup will leave you with plenty of time to reflect on the string of decisions that led to you walking three miles for sex with a pharmacy major.

Route 4:

Crawling up the hill from a house party on Ohio with your head pounding from gin and your legs aching from fatigue is a fairly good replacement for going to the Rec, but 1 a.m. is a rough time to get the cardio in.

Route 3:

As you leave Oliver or Naismith to return to Daisy Hill, take comfort in the knowledge that the person you just dry-humped for an hour can see you from their window for at least three or four minutes.

Route 2:

As you stumble home through the backstreets, a dozen or so house parties will beckon to you like shimmering cursed treasure. Resist and overcome.

Route 1:

After a steaming hot romp in Chad’s twin bed in some random frat house, the fresh air on the way back will surely be a relief. Just try not to get lost. You could also use this opportunity to finally take that piss you’ve been holding on the side of the engineering building!

Hopefully this map will help guide you home, ’cause we know you still get lost in Lawrence no matter how long you’ve lived here.

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