5 Ways Tisch Drama Has Made You So Much Worse at Dating

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Dating is really freaking HARD. You know what makes it even harder? Dating as a Tisch drama student. This shit ain’t no rodeo, and here’s why:

5.) You’re constantly surrounded by your exes:
If you’re in Tisch drama, odds are you dated someone in Tisch drama. These relationships are so fantastic and fun, and full of Chekhov discussions, until you break up and realize you CANNOT get away from these jokers. Theatre studies class? Sitting behind you right now. Studio? All day, baby. On the way to your advisor meeting? You bet. And those all-department meetings are just Rubén’s way of getting all the people we banged, putting them in one space, and watching us squirm like worried little subway rats. Try dating someone who’s not in drama and explaining that – good fuckin’ luck, dude.

4.) You’re hyper-aware of how you’re being perceived:
Being an actor means criticism and adjustment quite literally all the time. You’re ridiculously conscious of how you’re presenting yourself, and this is only intensified when you’re on a date and trying to come off like the perfect human. Before you know it, you’re just repeating how fun you are and making unwarranted jokes about ketchup to this innocent person that agreed to go out with you.

3.) You’re. so. fucking. sensitive.:
You spend three days a week, eight hours a day, being taught how to be more emotionally available. You’re told day-after-day to listen and respond and listen and respond. If you listen long enough to your s/o saying one thing you don’t like, you’re going to be responding for about four fucking months in the form of tears, angry subtweeting, and repeating that you really relate to The Last Five Years when you’re twelve and need to calm down.

2.) You have no time:
Between long studio days, crazy rehearsal schedules, and analyzing Woyzeck for the fourth time – there’s barely any time left to go on actual dates or stay awake when you’re on an actual date. The reason drama people just end up dating other drama people is because they’re already built into your schedule! What’s even worse is that people outside of drama don’t believe how much time being an acting student actually requires. So, not only are you a bad date because you’re half asleep but you’re also automatically a liar!

1.) No one will ever treat you better than Rubén will:
He values you as a human and as an artist in a way that no one else could.

Good luck out there, you sensitive animals.

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