8 Ways To Seduce A Sexy Stranger At Scott

author-pic at Ohio State University  

On a campus thriving with 60,000+ students, you never know when or where you’ll find a great hookup. There’s no doubt that THE Ohio State University is full of kinky students who love to get their groove on, and who also spend a lot of their time eating. Sex and food, two of America’s greatest pastimes, why not put them together? The Black Sheep is here to help you achieve your spiciest hookup in the finest dining hall on campus.

Step 1- Trap Them in the Mongolian Grill Line:
This plan is almost full-proof. You’re guaranteed at least a thirty minute wait in line to put your seduction skills to use, and convince the hottie with a body to meet you in the always empty upstairs bathroom.

Step 2- Spend Your time at the Salad Bar:
Do you need an attention grabber? The sexy piece of meat you’ve been eyeing is sure to notice how well you seem to be tossing that salad. With the salad bar located right next to the constantly unoccupied elevator, you’re sure to get a quickie in.

Step 3- Suggest a Swipe Exchange:
You can’t go wrong in offering up one of your swipes for that cutie you held the door for. Take into consideration that this method may only work if you don’t have an unlimited meal plan (unless you can get them to wait around for thirty minutes– easier said than done when you use major tongue action eating corn dogs). Trust us, nothing gets college students going more than free food.

Step 4- Load Your Plate with a Spicy Sausage and Some Meatballs:
Stuffing your face with these phallic foods suggests that you know what you are doing with your mouth. Your selective food choices will leave nothing to the imagination. You like it hot.

Step 5- Treat Yourself to Some Soft Serve:
Make sure you let your sexy stranger know you’re DTF by piling that ice cream into the cone. Don’t forget to make eye contact while you seductively lick the yummy frozen dessert like a pro. It worked on The Jerry Springer Show, it’s sure to work for you!

Step 6- Offer Yourself a Seat Next to Them:
Finding a seat in Scott is almost always impossible during typical meal times. Approach your intended target, and don’t give them the option to say no when you ask to sit with them. Make sure to play footsie under the table while you guys make awkward small talk.

Step 7- Take Advantage of Scott’s Bomb Playlist:
It’s nearly impossible to get denied when there’s good music playing, and Scott definitely took that into consideration. You don’t have to be a frat boy to serenade that cutie with a bootie when there are songs like Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl coming from the speakers to help you out.

Step 8- Messages with Food:
What better way to express your kinky thoughts than by writing a message out in ketchup? Nothing says “Hey, I like you and wanna get in your pants,” like a note written out in your favorite condiment.

Scott Dining Hall is the perfect place to fit in a meal and a hot piece of booty. Students always seem to be short on time, so a two-in-one is an opportunity that can’t be missed. It’s no lie that time management is important, so we might as well take advantage of it.

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