8 Dudes You’ll Find on UO Tinder

author-pic at University of Oregon  

With Tinder being the most popular app for Oregon students to hook up, it becomes easier and easier to identify the kind of guy/girl you’ll end up shacking up with at the end of the day. Here are just a few of the types of UO students you will encounter on Tinder.

8.) The Oregon “Athlete”:

Four of every five swipes will feature a sporting pic of some sort. Only one of those four will be an actual athlete at the University of Oregon, the rest are always a bunch of bros still stuck in high school, who can’t find a better picture than the blurry screenshot from Maxpreps of them playing football Freshman year.

7.) The One in Greek Life:

Every picture features them in Sperry’s drinking a beer or “chillin with the bros” in suits. Their bio will probably say something about brotherhood and make it clear that you’d better be DTF or GTFO.

6.) The One Who’s Camera Shy:

These individuals somehow don’t have a photo of themselves from the last three years. All their pictures are either from prom or a relative’s wedding, and their bio will be something generic like UO ‘18. It’s tricky to know anything about them at first glance and they usually don’t message you first. Laaaame.

5.) The Party Animal:

Every photo will include alcohol and at least one picture will just be of their bong. Fun loving, and usually high, you can expect the first message to be a dumb (yet witty) pick up line. You’ll recognize your favorite bar, like Webfoot, in the background of their photos, and their bio will probably be a lyric from a Chance song.

4.) The “Outdoorsy” Type:

This is the hiker, kayaker, runner, etc. that you know will wake you up early on Sunday morning to go hike up Spencer’s Butte. All of their photos feature cargo shorts and some amazing view. Once they learn that you ate your weight in Cheetos last weekend, they might lose interest.

3.) That Half Naked Kid:

In either a mirror pic or a selfie, they’ll be shirtless. Their bio will have the 100 emoji, maybe a stack of money, and they’ll only want to talk about “what happened at the gym the other day.”

2.) The Kid Who Might Be Psycho:

With only one profile picture and no bio it’s impossible to know what to expect. This one’s risky it could be a super cool person or someone who got kicked out of Oregon for hazing their roommate. It’s a coin toss.

1.) The One With 100 Mutual Friends:

This individual probably dated your best friend and went to elementary school with your roommate. You have a zillion mutual friends, which seems to be Tinder’s way of saying “swipe left”.

If you spend any time on Tinder in Eugene you’ll surely find one of these people for the swiping. 

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