7 UO Inspired Pick Up Lines Sure to Get You Laid This Valentine’s Day

author-pic at University of Oregon  

It’s Valentine’s Day, and who doesn’t love a good pick-up line? Whether it’s cheesy or dirty, a pick up line is always a good way to strike up a conversation with that cutie that always sits by you in class. Here are seven pick up lines only UO students would understand:

7.) “Are you wearing Nike? Because I’d love to Phil you up tonight.”
Shout out to Uncle Phil for not only funding our school, but for giving us prime pick up material. What a great way to get straight to the point about your intentions.

6.) “It might not rain in Autzen, but I can make you wet in bed.”
It’s a well known fact that it never rains in Autzen Stadium, but that doesn’t mean your crush needs to stay dry. Just don’t disappoint when the time actually comes.

5.) “Are you from Track Town? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”
Taking a more innocent and light-hearted turn, this is perfect to use on any duck. If it goes well, you might even be able to take them to Track Town Pizza after.

4.) “Do you live in Hamilton? Because you look like you have a Big Mouth.”
 It’s sort of a compliment right? Big Mouth is fucking delicious.

3.) “You remind me of Dough Co. because I want to call you at 3 a.m.”
Just like all your booty calls, Dough Co. is always better at three in the morning. It’s also always open for you when no one else is.

2.) “Girl you’re hotter than Deady during spring term.”
Deady is already hot as balls during the winter months. You come in from an icy rain only to immediately begin to sweat. So when spring term comes along, it only gets worse. If someone tells you this, they must find you extremely attractive.

1.) “Wanna duck?”
The classic, most overused Duck pun. It’s simple and to the point. It’s sexual, but without going overboard. If they get mad, you can always just say you’re trying to ruffle their feathers.

If what they say is true and Oregon Ducks are anything like Donald Duck, then their pants are already off all the time and you might not even need these lines. But just in case, we recommend #7, a classic. 

Please, keep your parents off of Tinder.