5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your RU Girlfriend If You’re Broke

author-pic at Rutgers University  

The Black Sheep knows that the holiday season has run your wallet dry. Your Rutgers girlfriend is expecting a lot this Valentine’s Day, but you can’t afford a fancy dinner at Wawa without calling Mom for money. So we scoured Pinterest for some cheap DIY Valentine’s Day gifts your girl will love. Show your gentler side and get crafting!

5.) A Scrapbook:Kissing Bridge, Rutgers

Your relationship has been a romantic rollercoaster. Relive this by cutting and pasting items from your favorite memories together. Some ideas are selfies from your first date at the Kissing Bridge, ticket stubs from Rutgers Cinema, or the unsolicited dick pic you snapped to her before you sealed the deal.

4.) A Flower Bouquet:

“Flower” is going to be more of a blanket term in this case. It’s the dead of winter, and you’re broke, but she’s expecting flowers on V-Day. So roam around campus and pick something nice. The weeds at the Livi traffic circle are a good base for your bouquet. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can shape the stems into a rose shape to create your own original romantic flower. Sharpie the flowers red if you have the time to spare.

3.) Conversation Heart Candy:

Candy Heart
This recipe will take an easy two-three days to complete, but you’ve already set her up for disappointment in your relationship, so she won’t mind a late gift. Take the time to come up with your own cute messages (or maybe a pick-up line) to write on the candy hearts. Classics like, “You’re Mine” or “True Love” will be perfect for your relationship, but try “Why Didn’t You Text Me Back” or “I Read Through Your Texts and Saw Brad Buckstar from Delta Chi Texting You and I Just Wanted to Remind You That No One Will Ever Love You Like I Will.” Get creative with it! You’ll need a lot of candies, but your girlfriend will love this. Besides, you know what they say about a man in the kitchen.

2.) Couple Coupon Book:


Your girlfriend will think that this is a really cute idea, but it’s actually just a way for you to choose what you’re going to do every weekend. To replicate what your relationship is usually like, craft about 15 coupons, ten of them being “Watch Me Play Video Games While I Totally Ignore You.” Throw in a “Trip to Thomas’ Sweets” or “I’ll Pay Your Parking Ticket” to throw her off your trail.

1.) Cardboard Cutout Of Yourself

Cardboard Cutout

Head to the closest library and print a photo of yourself in the largest size possible. Preferably, pick one from a spring formal with an old girlfriend. Crop 99% of the ex out of the photo, but leave in a hand or piece of hair. Next, glue it to some cardboard. This way, every time she looks at the cutout she will be reminded that you could be with someone else if you wanted to, and she should feel grateful you only cheated on her once. And that you’re always watching.

So if your girlfriend wasn’t feeling trapped totally in love with you already, any of these DIYs will do it. Happy Valentine’s Day Rutgers!

Please, keep your parents off of Tinder.