6 Non-Sexual Things That Turn You on at Virginia Tech

author-pic at Virginia Tech  

We’re all pretty pissed at Tech at the moment. Between the lack of parking and new logo, we’ve all been complaining a lot recently. But, amidst all of our bitching, turns out there is still some beauty left on this campus. Here’s a few reminders about the sexier things in life here in Blacksburg:

6.) Finding a table at Turner:
Ah the good stuff. Honestly, this might be better than the birth of your first child. I think we can all agree that you’ve considered selling your soul for the spot that you have been gifted to eat your Hibachi in peace.

5.) Already being logged into canvas:
Okay this is just a convenience thing. No one likes having to go through the intensive interrogation that is Duo Mobile. All the hard work is completed just to see that you bombed your most recent test. Wonderful. Lovely.

4.) Getting a seat on the BT Transit at 9 a.m:
Wow are you royalty, look at all of those peasants standing and swaying back and forth as your amateur driver slams on the breaks and takes turns way too sharply for comfort.

3.) Realizing how beautiful campus is:
We’ve all had the experience of walking to class and suddenly realizing how beautiful campus is. Between the splendidly matched Hokie stone, the trees that so perfectly surround the Drillfield, and the Blacksburg sunsets, sure make campus a beauty. We can all agree that we’re super lucky to be here.

2.) Actually finding a parking spot:
Nothing is better than seeing a fellow Hokie walk back to their car, spotting them just in time to slowly follow and take their spot as they leave. It’s even better when there’s just an empty spot and you don’t have to stalk anyone. That doesn’t happen here much, though. Thnx Sands.

1.) No line at Qdoba AND they have guac:
Nothing is worse than waiting 30 minutes just to be taken aback by the lack of avocados we have in Blacksburg. But whey they do do exist, it’s worth it.

Who knew finding a table just to sit down for ten minutes would have the ability to make your entire day. Although stuff around here has been quite negative lately, let’s try and remember why we fell in love with sexy Virginia Tech in the first place.