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5 Little Known Facts About the Clemson-Carolina Rivalry


The Clemson-Carolina football rivalry is a historic matchup deeply engrained in South Carolina society as much as Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr, Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift, and people who saw a gold dress vs. people who saw a blue dress. This contentious battle has been fought every year since 1909, yet there are many traditions and historical gems about this rivalry that people do not know. Here is a list of the 5 things you need to know about the Clemson-Carolina Rivalry:


5.) Origins in Clemson’s Agricultural Background:
Clemson University began as an agricultural college. Due to Clemson’s farming background, the first football game was a simple game in which the Carolina team stole corn from one of the Clemson farms, and the Clemson team gave chase in an attempt to retrieve their crop. This event also marked the first time an announcer uttered the phrase, “Aw, shucks!” during a game. Because the Clemson team never got the corn back, one could say the Carolina team had a real ear for the game.


4.) 1952 Law Mandates Rivalry Game:
In 1952, state legislatures mandated that the rivalry game take place every season so that they would always have something to yell about with their friends at bars. Years later the rivalry game was mandated to be played Thanksgiving weekend so that come Saturday they would have something new to argue about with their families. John may have come out of closet on Thursday, but by Saturday his homophobic Uncle Ned will have different cocks to care about.


3.) The Two Campuses Are Only 132 Miles Apart:
Which, according to all Carolina students, is not fucking far enough.


2.) 1961 A “Moo”ssed Opportunity:
In 1961, Carolina fraternity brothers from Sigma Nu acquired a sickly cow that they were going to bring out during halftime to be the “Clemson Homecoming Queen”; however, this plan failed when the cow died on the way to the stadium* Incidentally, this event is where we get the name Death Valley. 

(*Disclaimer: This is a real thing that really happened.)


1.) Current Rivalry:
Coach Will Muschamp and Coach Dabo Swinney are, in fact, long lost best friends. Unfortunately, the rivalry tore their families apart, and now they spend the majority of their time staring off into the distance through rainy window panes in deep, unrequited longing.


The Carolina- Clemson rivalry has a storied past filled with corn, cows and other occurrences that would happen in the great state of South Carolina.







If you woke up this morning surrounded by ravaged Lunchable boxes, this is for you:



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