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Duke Hangs Yet Another Banner After Loss to South Carolina



After a long fought 2016-2017 Duke’s reign came to an end last night after falling to defeat South Carolina. While many teams would be upset, Duke took advantage of the opportunity as it gave them an excuse to hang a new banner in Cameron Indoor.


While the Gamecocks will travel to New York City to play in the Sweet Sixteen, Duke gets to go home and celebrate the fact that they were ranked #1 in the AP Preseason poll. The ceremony is planned for 6:30 on Friday afternoon, the same time as the Gamecocks Sweet 16 game. Typical Duke getting the best of every situation.


When asked about it Coach K had some choice words about his team’s performance this year; “While some teams focus on winning games, we really put all of our effort into recruiting big names and letting people know Duke used to win championships. And our hard work finally paid off by getting that preseason ranking.”


“You’re trippin’ if you don’t think we’re the real winners here. South Carolina was never ranked #1,” said Grayson Allen.


So, while the party rolls on in Columbia, it’s nothing compared to the celebration ahead in Durham when the Dookies hang yet another celebratory banner.


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