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Pastides to Cancel Baseball Program If No Championship Is Won


The state of South Carolina has caught championship fever. With Coastal Carolina winning the national championship for baseball last spring, Clemson winning the national championship in football this past season, and USC winning the national championship in women’s basketball a few weeks ago, many South Carolinians are finding something to be proud of something other than “Southern Heritage”.


But things might be getting too hot in the south as President Pastides has made the shocking announcement that he will pull the baseball program if they do not win the national title this year. The announcement has many baseball fans stunned and confused.


“How can they do this? Why would they want to take away the excitement and joy of baseball?” asks Evan Long, a passionate baseball fan who claims to attend every game, even if his kids are sick.


Though there are some people who are protesting the President’s claim, there are those who support his decision. Baseball is the oldest sport at USC and some are saying that is a big reason why the sport should go.


“The sport was invented centuries ago by some old and, probably racist, white men. Why are still playing this game? What good does it do for the school?” asked senior Bill Bedenbaugh.


President Pastides has yet to personally respond to these criticisms, but his secretary Ashley Williams had this to say about the matter: “I know everyone has a lot of questions and believe me there are a lot of answers, but right now I’m not allowed to say anything except whatever the president does is what’s best for the school and students and people should accept that.”


The Black Sheep will continue to follow this story as it develops.


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