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USC Basketball Emerges as Latest Bandwagon Team


As March Madness draws closer, fans watch with anticipation as some teams hinge between the possibility of playing in the tournament. Traditionally, great basketball schools like Gonzaga and Kansas have had a secure place in the tournament; however, South Carolina has had a phenomenal season, is currently ranked #21 in the nation, and has emerged as a real contender to play in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. 

The Black Sheep stopped Ethan Simmons, a junior marketing major, and asked if he was a fan of Gamecock basketball, “Oh completely, you will find me at every game and will find no one more dedicated than me, I bleed basketball.” When asked if he supported the team during the rough seasons Ethan responded, “Uh…those were some tough times for us, I wasn’t able to go to the games because I had a lot of…school stuff.”


Ashley Forrest, a senior Psychology major, had a lot to say about her favorite team members.


“Oh man, there’s just so many. I’m not really an individual kind of person, I pull more for the whole team.” When asked if she knew who Alex English was, Ashley responded, “That’s one of the coaches, or maybe one of the players?”



The Black Sheep caught up with a group of students in a line for the shuttles to the Colonial Life Arena, and asked which team was going to be the toughest to beat to stay tourney bound. The overwhelming response we got was, “Clemson!,” even though we don’t play them again this year.

The Gamecocks take on the Florida Gators tonight at the Colonial Life Arena. The Black Sheep will be there, cheering on our favorite team. What? No, we’ve totally always  been fans!





How do you feel about the trash dove?


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