Willie Taggart’s Top 5 Recruiting Secrets

author-pic at University of Oregon  

Somehow Willie Taggart has managed to put together a truly impressive recruiting class in a very quick amount of time. While it’s nice that Taggart has been able to breathe some new life into the program it does seem a little suspicious how quick the turnaround has been. So how is Willie managing to do this well? Let’s take a look at a few possible answers to this question:

5.) He’s Schmoozing the Recruits:

This is a classic proven method of recruiting in college football. You visit the recruit and their family, you give them your little sales pitch, and when you go to leave you leave your keys on their table alongside a pre-written commitment letter. Then, it’s totally worth it.

4.) He’s Kept These Recruits in a Media Blackout Since 2015:

Maybe Willie was thinking long term from the start here. Perhaps he foresaw the downfall of our program and was able to keep these kids in the dark for the past couple seasons. As far as these kids know, we’re still a top tier program. They don’t know about the Alamo Bowl, or the Huskies scoring 70 in Autzen, and they’ve never even heard the name Jeff Lockie.

3.) He’s a Master of Mind Control:

I know this one seems a little far-fetched, but when someone jumps up 60 spots in the recruiting rankings, you have to take everything into account. We don’t know if he’s using a Jedi mind trick or if he’s got that teacup from Get Out, but there’s gotta be more to it than just walking up to a recruit and preaching about his new “Do Something” philosophy.

2.) He Convinced them that Oregon is better than the South:

There have been a handful of players from the south that have committed to play for Oregon. And since they don’t waste time learning anything in high school, they have plenty of time to play football, making for some rather impressive recruits. All Willie had to do was step in and point out that they could play football in beautiful Eugene, Oregon rather than swampy shitholes like Florida or Alabama. Easy.

1.) Maybe Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich were just Shitty Recruiters:

There’s a chance that Willie is taking the honest approach here. Maybe Mark just didn’t have what it takes and Chip was just too lazy to go out and recruit. After all, what kid wouldn’t want to come out and play for a team with NASA level facilities in a state where weed is legal?

At the end of the day we don’t think anybody cares what he’s doing, just as long as the recruits keep pouring in.

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