The Top 6 Ways to Get Your Ugly Mug on the Jumbotron at Alumni Stadium

author-pic at Boston College  

Now that football season is in full swing, you must be focused on one goal and one goal only: getting on that gd jumbotron. We know it can be tough to think of something more creative than dancing your ass off, so we’ve compiled a list of ways you can get on the jumbotron at Alumni Stadium. Take a gander, maybe your parents will finally be proud of you for once. 

6.) Drop someone during the touchdown toss:
Everyone knows there’s no better way to fame than through embarrassment, and dropping your friend during a touchdown toss takes the cake. So what if they have a concussion from hitting the bleachers too hard? At least you got on that big, beautiful screen, baby! Let’s see that again in slow motion, so you can see the exact moment your friendship ended. 

5.) Wear a full body eagle suit:
Oh yeah, you rock that onesie! While everyone else will be sweating in those horrible, mustard yellow superfan shirts, you’ll look like the eagle of Zeus himself in your getup. Hot glue some extra feathers to be super authentic, and people might even confuse you for Baldwin. Just watch out for heat stroke: those suits can get a bit stuffy, but (drunk) eagles show no fear, right?

4.) Start a fight with a Florida State fan:
Find someone, anyone in FSU gear and just start swinging. Trust us, you won’t just be doing BC a favor, but basically the entire country as well. Who even likes FSU, besides themselves? Get a fist or two in there, and the cameras won’t be able to stay off you.

3.) Pretend to be Father Leahy:
Anytime Father Leahy appears it’s like Bigfoot himself decided to take a stroll around the Heights, swangin’ that big ol’ Bigfoot… swagger of his. So, what surer way to get on the jumbotron than by pretending to be the head ghost himself?! People will flock to your side for selfies, baby signings, and group pics with the eightman! And really, no one knows what he looks like anyway, so you should be golden.

2.) Stay until the end:
Yeesh, isn’t this the sad truth. No one stays put past third quarter, so by process of elimination if you’re still at the game at all, you’re automatically poised to get on the screen. While the cameras sadly pan the near empty student section, there your loyal butt will be, waving to all the folks at home who also stopped watching hours ago. Go BC!

1.) Rush the field:
Now, as the old proverb goes, you only live once. And you certainly only attend college once. What better way to round out your four years than by hopping that tiny little fence and spiriting onto the field? Not only will you get on the jumbotron, your face will be broadcasted on local news, the police scanners, and all of the newspapers the next morning when reporting your arrest. But was it worth it for those few minutes of sweet, sweet fame? Absolutely.

You’ve only got a few games left to get your mug on that sacred, pixilated surface, so get cracking! 

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