7 BU Drinking Games to Take Your Mind off Midterms

author-pic at Boston University  

Midterms are hard. What better way to study for Spanish than with your friend Jose Cuervo, or for zoology with an actual Grey Goose? Shirking yourself of any responsibility by hitting the bottle instead of studying is somewhat of a tradition here at BU, so we did the legwork and gave you more reasons to drink away midterms with these drinking games. For each “drink,” you can take a shot, take a dab, drink a whole bottle of tequila… It all depends on your level of desperation!

7.) The Struggle Bus:
Every time you see a BU bus not in service, drink. Every time you see a BU bus literally stuffed with students, drink as well. And every time you see the bus. Even hearing someone say the word “bus” is good enough.

6.) Smoking Quest:
Every time you walk past Questrom and are engulfed in a cloud of international students’ smoke, drink. Take an extra shot if it is happens near a no smoking sign. For your safety, don’t drink until you’re done coughing up a lung. This game is best played in the afternoon.

5.) Bae State:
In Bay State dining hall, every time the picture on the menu screen has nothing to do with what is on the menu, drink. Is it a picture of lo mein, and the menu says mac and cheese? Does the International screen say crispy fried chicken? Have another drink. For maximum shitface, you can also drink when you find a soda or juice machine out of order.

4.) Sick AF, Bro:
Every time someone tells you that they are sick, or that they “have a cold but it’s almost gone I know it,” drink. Warning: this one might do you in. People be snifflin’.  

Drink every time you order the Falafel Burger at Rhett’s and say “no sauce” and they STILL give you sauce. I’m not bitter or anything, but… I SAID NO SAUCE!!

2.) Fitrekt: 
Every time you see a bro dude in Fitrec trying to show off his sweeeeeeet muscles, brah, have a drink…you know the one. The guy in the homemade muscle tee who actively tries to hide the fact that he is in pain, because that’s just the warmup, baby? Whenever you see one of those, take an extra guzzle of vodka from the “water” bottle you brought to the gym.

1.) Cross-Faded:
Whenever you see some stupid idiot (AKA PROBABLY ME) attempt the exotic art of jaywalking on Comm Ave and barely escape death, drink. Drink hard. Bonus points if you see someone (AKA PROBABLY ME AGAIN) jaywalk while watching a Tasty video on Facebook. 

If you aren’t totally blasted by now, go ahead and take another drink to reward yourself for reading this article all the way through. If this is the only sentence you read, have a drink just for kicks. If you are one of the “33% of Boston University students” who report not drinking, take a sip of water. Gotta stay hydrated somehow!