5 Things KU Should ACTUALLY be Spending $350 Million on

author-pic at University of Kansas  

Last month, KU alumnus David Booth, kick-started a massive $350 million campaign to overhaul its football program. With that kind of cash you’d almost forget that we’re a basketball school, and that our football team has won a total of 9 games in the past 5 seasons. Given that, and the fact that Lawrence High could probably beat us, here are some things KU should actually put that bread toward.

5.) A new parking garage:
It’s no secret that KU parking sucks. Trying to find a parking spot on campus is a sure way to raise one’s blood pressure and there’s no sign of it getting better anytime soon. Rather than investing in a football program that couldn’t even beat the South Dakota State Jackrabbits, perhaps KU should invest a new parking spot or two. Just a thought.

4.) Air conditioning in Strong:
When the snow melts and the temperature begins to rise in the spring semester, Strong Hall quickly becomes one of the most unbearable buildings on campus. During the first weeks of classes and during summer school, Strong hall is almost indistinguishable from a steam room. Maybe instead of rebuilding a stadium for a team that hasn’t had a winning record since Michael Jackson was still alive, KU should put some money into some a/c for Strong.

3.) Free printing:
One thing that breaks the bank of almost every KU student is the cost of printing. Some students even resort to starting relationships with people who live in the dorms solely to have access to the free printing. With $350 mil, KU could easily cover the cost of a universal, single-payer printing system. That alone would give students dozens of more dollars to blow at Dollar Night.

2.) Overhaul the Roasterie:
The sad truth for KU students is that the Roasterie kind of sucks. The coffee is bland and overpriced and makes Folgers taste like a premium blend. Seeing as though Justin Bieber hadn’t released a song the last time KU football was ranked, instead of pumping millions into the football program, KU should divert that spending into providing a respectable brew on campus. Hell, for that amount of guap they could finance an on-campus contract with Starbucks.

1.) On-campus concerts:
Everyone like music. Walking around campus you almost see twice as many earbuds as you see people. What KU could really do to energize student life on campus is taking that $350M and using that do-re-mi to bring in some of the hottest musical artists of our time. Ya know, people like 21 Savage, Lil Uzi, and the ‘cash me outside girl’ Bhad Bhabie.

There’s so many things KU could do to improve life on campus. Throwing hundreds of millions of dollars to overhaul a football program that had its last winning season when Flo Rida’s “Low” was still in the charts seems like a missed opportunity