Self Attributes Win Against Purdue To Ref’s “Thick Thighs”

author-pic at University of Kansas  

After the ball was knocked away following a bad pass deflected by Lagerald Vick during last night’s Sweet Sixteen face off between Kansas and Purdue, the wayward ball bounced off a referee standing inside the court. KU Head Coach Bill Self cites the referee’s thighs as the reason for the team’s victory.

“BLESS THAT MAN’S THIGHS,” Self was heard screaming as it played out.

Vick caught the ball and passed it to Devonte’ Graham, who set up an alley-oop to pull further ahead of Purdue, where the team would remain for the rest of the game.

“Legs for days, legs for days boys,” Self told his players, presumably referring to the impressive girth of the ref, whose “thick” thighs will go down in March Madness history.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Self told The Black Sheep later. He fell quiet and appeared lost in thought. “No, I’ve never seen a ref take a ball that well,” he said. “That’s probably the reason we won.”

KU went on to defeat Purdue 98 to 66 thanks to that ref’s ability to get hit by a ball and keep on pumping.

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