Top 10 Ways to Get Over UK’s March Sadness

author-pic at University of Kentucky  

Sadness and emotion: something that is all too common for the BBN after the Elite Eight game Sunday. To help get you out of this stage, we’ve compiled a list of ways to mourn.

10.) Watch Highlights from Our Recruits for Next Year:
We all know that next year sucks, but Cal has reloaded again and next year has the possibility to be special (again). The players have so many stars it looks like Joel Berry’s report card.

9.) Watch Highlights from This Year’s Team:
As long as the one-and-done rule is in place, UK will be a factory for those players. It’s rare that you see a guy stick around two years, let alone four. Guys like Dom, Derek and Mychal will be missed. But we will have memories of them until dementia takes them from us. (And even if it does, at least we aren’t that guy from Asbury that Mulder murdered this year).

8.) Go to All Your Classes:
The best way to get your mind off of things is to get it onto other things. If you can put your head down and focus on your schoolwork, you might be able to forget about what happened. And if you skip class, you’re no better than the kids in Chapel Hill.

7.) Skip All Your Classes:
At this point does it really even matter? What is school? What is homework? What’s a degree? I just want to lay here until I get to watch UK play again

6.) Learn How to Use Photoshop:
With Photoshop, you can change the entire outcome of the game. Don’t want the last shot to go in? Edit it out. Want to trim up Luke Maye’s eyebrows? Edit that too. The possibilities are endless!

5.) Continue Talking Trash to Any and All Duke or Louisville Fans:
Look at it this way: even though we ended up losing the game Sunday, at least we aren’t from Duke or Louisville. It’s the little things like that that help you realize life isn’t all that bad.

4.) Devise a Plan to Kidnap Fox, Monk, Briscoe and Bam:
We don’t have to do anything bad to them once we get them, in fact that’s exactly the opposite of what we should do. We just need to keep them locked away until after the deadline to declare for the draft. Surely there’s someone who wouldn’t mind holding onto them for a few weeks.

3.) Listen to Take Care on repeat:
A perfect combination of sadness and BBN. Everybody knows how big of a UK fan Drake is, and everybody knows how sad Take Care is. While you’re listening to it, just know that somewhere out there a single tear is rolling down Drake’s face too. Just be careful not to Drake and Drive.

2.) Stare at This Picture of The 2012 NCAA Champions:

Maybe this will be able to take you back to a better place.

1.) Smile:
At the end of the day, it’s just a game. There are plenty of worse things that could have happened, and there’s always next year. Keep your chin up and don’t let it get to you. It’s easier said than done, but it’s worth a shot.

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