The East Lansing Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round

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You voted – or maybe you didn’t because you’re still upset your favorites didn’t make the cut – and we’ve added up the numbers and are now in the finals.

The 1 seed and 2016 champion came out on top of Taco Bell with 112 more votes and the 1 seeded 2015 champion completely blew McDonald’s out of the water by a whopping 290 votes. The reigning champs of the past two years are up against each other in a matchup of the decade. We at The Black Sheep want YOUR vote to see who is this season’s East Lansing Drunk Food victor. It’s a tough decision, but we know you will follow your (drunk) gut and choose your favorite.

Will you choose Cottage Inn, the college pizza lovers paradise that you can stumble into during the wee hours of the night with six of your drunkest friends? The Stagger Home Special has you bowing down to George as you enter the gates of heaven and order it with a couple sides of ranch for dippin’ while only spending $5. 

Or will it be Conrad’s that you choose? The almighty home of the perfect drunk food in the form of delicious wraps filled with carbs and greatness. The Number One will always serve a special place in every Spartan’s heart, and a side of mac and cheese bites is the delicious side that you just can’t say no to.

So which will it be, Spartan Nation? Greasy slices of deliciousness or wraps full of greatness? You decide.

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