Weekly MSU Sports Recap: Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some

author-pic at Michigan State University  

Just when you think your favorite Spartan teams are on fire, they cool off. Sure, you win some and you lose some, but it would be cool if we just won a lot, ya know?

Mens Basketball:
The dawgs sure know how to play their asses off at home in East Lansing. This past Wednesday, the Spartans came out victorious against the Minnesota Golden Gophers with a score of 65-47. What do we at The Black Sheep have in common with the basketball players at the University of Minnesota? In March, we’ll both be watching the college basketball tournament on television. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to get into the same rhythm at away games. On Sunday we played at Ohio State and took a hard L. Nothing feels better than beating OSU, and nothing feels much worse than losing to them.

Womens Basketball:
Well, if the guys can’t beat OSU, at least the girls can. The Lady Spartans beat the Buckeyes at home with a whopping score of 94-75. Not only did we destroy the Buckeyes, but our team is a lot more attractive. What do you call a good looking girl on the Ohio State University campus? A visitor. Just like the mens team, though, the ladies won a game, and lost a game. With a loss to Rutgers, the teams record is 13-5, which is still pretty damn good. Does anyone even know where Rutgers is?

Men’s Hockey:
Honestly, none of us can be too surprised with a Spartan Hockey loss at this point in the season. Sure enough, the guys played two games this past week and came up way short in both of them. With pretty similar scores of 2-5 and 3-5, the back to back losses against Penn State brings them to an incredible 4-15-1. It’s rather impressive to lose 15 games, it should really be an honor in itself.

Women’s Gymnastics:
We should all pay more attention to these incredible ladies. The sport of gymnastics is absolutely insane to watch, because there should honestly be no explanation behind some of the things their bodies do. It looks like they just barely lost their meet at Iowa this past week. We’re not entirely sure how gymnastics is scored and what constitutes a good season, but anyone willing to do flips with no hands on a balance beam deserves a round of applause.

This upcoming weekend, hockey plays a two game series against Michigan, one away and one at home here in East Lansing. If you can stomach them, go check ‘em out. It’s a huge rivalry game and maybe they’ll find it in them to win. Gymnastics hosts a meet at Jenison on Friday, and men and women’s basketball have a few important Big Ten games. It’s the first real week of classes, so if you happen to miss anything, check back with us next week.