Weekly MSU Sports Recap: Senior Nights All Around

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Home games for the winter sports came to an end this past week as men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and men’s hockey all closed out their home games in East Lansing. Senior night means not only does all of Spartan Nation realize they’ll be losing some valuable senior athletes, but us senior students come to the realization that we’ll no longer be able to turn up in our favorite student sections.


Women’s Basketball:
Don’t mind them… the Lady Spartans are just going to move right on up the Big Ten standings. Where you ask? Number 7.. The ladies have been on fire the past couple weeks and it doesn’t look like they’re about to cool down anytime soon. They came back against Penn State from what looked like a blowout, down 19 in the first half, and ended with the W. Tori Jankoska, the Michael Jordan of Lady Spartans’ basketball, didn’t score until the second half, but once she started, she never stopped. It was a big win this weekend because not only does everyone just not like Penn State, or because it was the largest comeback under Suzy Merchant, but because it was the final home game of the season and nothing beats a win on senior night to go out in style. The Spartans ended their regular season, despite the loss, in some serious style during a hard fought overtime game. Next on the clock, the Big Ten Tournament.

Men’s Basketball:
The guys are really giving us a headache this season. They go from breaking our hearts with their away game losses to enchanting us with their home game ball-outs. The Spartans won against Nebraska in a hype green-out game. The Izzone gives the guys the home field advantage that just makes them unstoppable. They’re truly a different team when they’re surrounded by the almighty student section. The Spartans also made a huge win during an emotionally charged senior night at the Breslin against ranked 16 Wisconsin. After this weekend, they’re fifth of 14 total teams in the Big Ten, making them a slightly above average team. Although us Spartan basketball fans are not accustomed to anything but excellence, above average will do just fine, for now. As long as we make it to the tournament. Not the NIT, but the Big Dance.

Off to a good start with a 6-1 record. They’re playing a ton of random teams in warmer states right now, but their doing it well. Jake Boss, head coach, is an absolute BOSS as this is only the sixth time in school history that baseball has gone 6-0. Despite the loss on Sunday afternoon against UNC Greensboro, they won the series 2-1. We’re not counting or anything… but only 24 days until the guys play at home and we can see them in their tight baseball pants, up close and in person. Honestly, we don’t care who you are, there’s something magical about baseball pants.

We’re very surprised Mark Hollis didn’t make the decision to turn off the lights in Munn Arena on Saturday. Sure, it’s the Spartans’ senior night and the last home game of the season, but come on. It would’ve been an excellent business decision and he would’ve saved a ton of money for the school if he kept them off for a little while. The team can play in the dark, it looks like they have been all season, so we don’t really see what the big deal was. Anyway, they lost against Penn State not just once, but twice this past week. Fins up, boys, we’ll see you at Landshark.

Women’s basketball begins the Big Ten Tournament this week, men’s basketball closes out their regular season, softball and baseball have a handful of away games, and hockey will try their hardest against OSU.

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