AFC Owners to Meet for Official Vote to Determine Super Bowl Champion

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This past Sunday at Super Bowl LI the New England Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history in the game’s first-ever overtime. While Tom Brady is ready to celebrate his fifth Super Bowl game victory, as per tradition, the actual winner will be determined next week during an owner’s conference at the NFL headquarters.

Patriots currently lead the voting 18-14, but new polls show that a couple of key swing votes from AFC teams could potentially go Atlanta’s way, in turn crowning them the new Super Bowl champions. One of those voters, Pittsburgh, is still dusting off the wounds of an AFC Championship loss to the Patriots.

“They’re only one more cheating season away from tying us for the most Super Bowl victories, and that’s not a risk we can take,” said Ben Ivy, a Steelers spokesperson. “We’re not afraid to go against the popular Conference opinion if it means giving us a champion all Americans believe in.”

“We were robbed of our victories in 2008 and 2012 because of New England, and now it is our time to fuck them back.” said Lee Frett, the General Manager of the New York Giants, a team that beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl but ultimately lost the championship after owner’s votes. “Look what happened in the election. We will not let the popular vote lose out again. We look forward to working with the AFC to assure this happens.”

If the Falcons are successful in switching at least two votes, that puts the voter tally to 16-16 leaving a tiebreaker scenario in which Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner would determine the winner of Super Bowl LI. “If it comes down to it, I’m getting my way. Victory will be mine!” 

The NFL owner’s vote for the Super Bowl Champion takes place Tuesday at noon on the NFL Network.