The UConn Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round

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This is it ladies and gents! The last time you can make your voice heard in the most important bracket you will ever participate in during the month of March. We started with 8 food establishments vying for the title of “Best Drunk Food in Storrs, CT,” and we’re so close to finding out who will be honored.

2.) Sgt. Pepperoni’s:
Sgt. Pep’s pulled a pretty clear victory over Blaze Pizza. While Blaze has its facets and definitely held its own in the bracket it simply couldn’t compare to the offering of Sgt.Pep’s. Between pizza, grinders, wraps, mozz sticks, and even wings it’s pretty clear why they came out on top of crust with stuff on it. This week we’ll have to see if the pizza-esque offering of Sgt. Pep’s can hold their own in the final round. Sgt. Pep’s being a second seed would seem to be the fan favorite but their competition is

3.) Wing’s Over Storrs:
This competition ended in a surprising victory by three seed Wing’s Over Storrs over one seed D.P. Dough. While calzones seem to be a campus favorite WOS pulled through with the upset by over 100 votes. WOS is a fan favorite because who doesn’t love consuming a half pound of chicken accompanied by crispy waffle fries. While really all WOS has to offer is chicken wings they offer an array of flavors to serve every drunken student’s hungry needs. BBQ? Buffalo? Or if you’re the declared weirdo of your friend group hot garlic might be the choice for you!

Keep voting until the end of the week to see if the 3 seed castle of saucy chickens beats out the place with the pizza stuff. Every vote counts because the loser will most definitely go bankrupt and have to close and you will never taste their food again, so choose wisely!

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