Rams Trekking to “Richmond” for Game Against U of R

author-pic at Virginia Commonwealth University  

RICHMOND, VA- This morning, the Rams boarded their bus to make the trip all the way out to the Robins Center for their game against the University of Richmond.

“Yeah it’s still technically Richmond, but it’s a full 18 minute drive,” said head coach Will Wade. “It’s just always baffled me that they’re called the University of Richmond, when we have to drive 15 minutes northeast to get to them.”

The Rams are ranked #1 in the division, while the Spiders are ranked #3 in the A10. This is a highly anticipated game among the city of Richmond, and the entire A10.

“It’s been awesome to be part of this team, the energy here is really helpful in feeding my plays. I really just wish we could have the game in the Seigel again. It just doesn’t make sense for us to go out the the edge of Richmond for this game when it would make more sense for it to be in the actual damn town,” said Rodney in his full suit. “I have to get dressed here, then ride all the way out to Fake Richmond for this game, it’s just a pain in the horns.”

When the teams played each other earlier this month, VCU came out on top with a score of 81-74. The Spiders are really hoping to give the Rams a run for their money on the home turf.

“Is it really home turf? They’re both kind of home games really. I’m pretty sure the game at the Seigel had more red than black, and we still won. So I really, still don’t understand why we have to take the stupid bus there,” stated VCU forward, Justin Tillman.

Though the Rams are confident in their 21-5 record versus the Spiders’ 15-10 record, U of R’s confidence still hasn’t been shaken.

“It’s an away game for them, we know that we can take them down, we can get the payback with this home-field advantage,” stated Richmond head coach Chris Mooney.

The game tips off at 9 p.m. in “Richmond,” which happens to be the same time here at VCU. If you feel up to the trip out to the Robins Center, we know the boys would greatly appreciate your support.