UVa Rewrites ‘Good Ol’ Song’ to Reflect Sentiments Toward Football

author-pic at University of Virginia  

Football season means two things at UVa: Tech is temporarily legitimate in trash talking us and we all wish to sing the “Good Ol’ Song” more than our team allows us to. Most games we’re deprived of the song altogether, forced to stand around in pearls and ties with no promise of an a capella breakout (and let’s be real, on Grounds there is always a chance for an a capella breakout). Until basketball season rolls around, it’s all pretty dismal. Fortunately, the Board of Visitors has taken it upon itself to rewrite the words to the “Good Ol’ Song” to be a bit more truthful in reflecting students’ feelings about football.

In case you don’t know our Alma Mater, check out the original lyrics here, sung to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne”. 

Now here are the rewritten lyrics:

That Good Ol’ Song of Wahoowa

We sing it here no more

Because we lose and lose and lose

It seems our team’s a bore

The BOV seems to understand that our team’s most winning attribute is losing. Unfortunate but true, our games are a snoozefest.

We come from old Virginia

Where basketball comes first (Fuck Tech!)

Let’s all swipe in to get the points

Then to Trin to quench our thirst

Surprisingly, they went on to mention the student body’s most winning attribute: drinking. Kudos to them for knowing we swipe into the game for Sabre Points and leave and not doing anything to amend their punitive measures. 






In summation, we prefer basketball and since this is the only event in which we get to sing this song, it makes perfect sense that in the end we call for our Lord and Savior Tony Bennett to bail us out.

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