10 F*ck Duke Signs that were Better Than the Result of Last Night’s Game

author-pic at University of Virginia  

Last night the Hoos took on the Blue Devils at JPJ, and boy was it painful to watch. The game stayed pretty close the entire time and was overall a pretty low-scoring game for both teams, ending at 65-55. While there’s not much to brag about on the courtside part of things, the ACC as a whole can sigh with relief that Grayson Allen had a bad game and tripped himself. Where the Hoos did excel, however, was in the stands. Last night our sign game was incredibly strong, with a few gems making it onto ESPN’s post game coverage as well as several shout-outs during the game. Here are ten “Fuck Duke” signs that show just how clever our student section can be. 

10.) This Grayson Allen Paternity Sign:

What a goddamn winner this sign is. Not only does it target Duke’s most hated player by Virginia and the entire sports-spectating world, but it includes an Office joke, a Ted Cruz reboot, AND a jab at Coach K. Well done, Miss, well done.

9.) The ESPN Shoe-in Sign:

One way to guarantee you and your sign will make it onto ESPN is to plug another ESPN special. Kudos, because your sign was both television-ready and incredibly poignant. On top of all of those great qualities, you kicked Grayson while he was down and managed to do it without cracking a smile.

8.) The Timeless Scandal Sign:

This sign deserves some recognition because of its incredible ability to bring a story full circle, giving this sign and its creator serious literary chops. Not only does this sign give UVa a chance to bite back at the Rolling Stone rumors, it sets up Coach K as a total dick. The only implication we don’t like about it is the sign implies Coach K can read through those tiny little eyes and angry brows, which we don’t really see as accurate.

7.) The Grade-School Low Blow Sign:

…and that font is for BABIES! Ha!

6.) The Classic Big Head Defacement Sign:

Nothing says a group of young people hates you like a sharpie to the face. Whether you’re waking up on the floor of a frat house with anatomically incorrect, permanent marker penises smeared into your drool or you’re a giant cardboard coach head, the sharpie is a huge sign of disrespect, and that’s how we like it. 

5.) The Movie Poster Sign:

This sign is incredibly clever and clearly took a lot of work to perfectly Photoshop Grayson Allen’s head onto Will Ferrell’s body from the 2005 kid’s soccer movie classic (definitely a genre, see Bend it Like Beckham, Air Bud: World Pup). With Grayson Allen’s track record for kicking and tripping, we think there’s no better representation of this guy than what’s on this sign right here.

4.) The Character Actor Sign:

There are few things we admire more than a guy willing to fully commit to his role as college student and basketball game sign holder, and this guy nails it. Another shot at Duke’s easy target #3 well taken, and we don’t doubt his claims one bit. Grayson Allen has now begun tripping fans, start that shit on twitter. #GraysonTripsFansNow

3.) The Nostalgic Joke Sign:

We totally dig this throwback sign, it reminds us of all the times Duke sucked in the past, like the time when everyone played Trivia Crack and Donald Trump wasn’t our president. Ah, the good ol’ days when hating Duke was the hipster thing to do, not the mainstream work of today’s youths. Hats off to you man, and bless you. Not because we’re religious, it just looks like you’re about to sneeze. 

2.) The All-Too-True Sign:

We’ve gotta give it to this girl, she’s 100% right. Teams from conferences everywhere shudder at hearing a final score with Duke on top. Their brief (but totally embarrassing, ha ha!) losing streak while Coach K got his plastic back surgery was the most fun America had had since Lemonade was released. Her face matches her sign and the faces of Americans everywhere: When Duke loses, America wins, and today is a sad sad day for our country. 

1.) The Flashy To The Point Sign:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sometimes all the Hoos need is some basic coaching and it doesn’t get much more basic than this. 

Moral of the story here is Duke sucks, but these signs definitely don’t.

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