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Launch The Black Sheep on your campus and you’ll be founding member of something that will grow and flourish long after you’ve left. There’s no better way to leave your mark on campus than to build an editorial staff of the best gigglemakers on campus


Our Chief Campus Editors go on to do great things past graduation. Besides getting hired at the greatest job on the planet — with us, at The Black Sheep corporate in Chicago — our editors have gone on to edit for magazines like Variety and Vice, write for TV shows in Hollywood, and become producers and directors at some of the largest studios in the world.


To start a branch of The Black Sheep you need to have the motivational spirit of an entrepreneur, the journalist’s nose for what’s buzzworthy, and the razor-sharp, contrarian wit of a comedian. Plus, a few friends who’d want to write for you don’t hurt either.


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Contributing Authors


Of Corp. Team Came from Campus Teams

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You know that feeling when you ace a test, sink the last shot in beer pong or get to play with a puppy? Launching The Black Sheep at your campus feels like all of those at the same time.

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