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10 Things About Syracuse You Won’t Miss During Christmas Break

As students across Syracuse’s campus begin to edge over the line towards finals week, the thought of home-cooked meals, close friends, and private bathrooms cloud minds. So, here are ten things you won’t miss while scarfing down Nana’s sweet potato pie and actively avoiding your weird Uncle Mark.

10.) Dining hall food:
What exactly is in the ravioli and why are the potatoes labeled “vegan”? They come from the ground! Potatoes are the actual definition of VEGAN. Stay clear of the mussels too, we’re too far inland for those things to actually be good.

9.) The bathrooms:
PSA: don’t use the third stall on Day 7’s girls’ bathroom. Remnants of a spaghetti dinner are plastered the wall, the toilet, the floor…

8.) The f*ckboy scuff:
Oh, the sound of Timberland boots scuffing the ground is like “Jingle Bells” all around Syracuse’s campus.

7.) The ice:
Spotted: two girls falling outside Carnegie Library. Sure, she might’ve suffered a hairline fracture on her tailbone, but who needs a tailbone anyway? Not SU students, that’s for sure.

6) Screams all night:
It’s always refreshing to hear passionate screams at 3 a.m., but even better when it’s 10 p.m. and the girls down the hall won’t shut up over something scandalous on Snapchat while you’re trying to crank out that essay due at 11:59:59 p.m.

5.) Classes:
Professors sure know how to pretend that their class should always come first. Don’t forget about your 8 a.m., where attendance is mandatory or that recitation at 9:30 a.m. on Friday morning. Professors know damn well where half the freshmen student body was Thursday night (Hint: It was at DJ’s.)   

4.) Walking everywhere:
Breaking in boots becomes even more painful when you walk approximately 50,000 miles a day. Sure, calves may be poppin’ from all that intense speed walkin’, but the stairs to the Mount are a new kind of hell that certainly won’t be missed.

3.) Laundry rooms:
It’s fantastic having to lug down two weeks of laundry and not a single machine is open. Or, even better, when the laundry room door is locked. No one wants your mismatched socks or Christmas-themed boxers, relax.

2.) Sh*tty water temps:
One wrong twist to the left or right and it’s either Satan licking your back or a direct entrance to the North Pole. Also, what’s up with the water pressure? It’s very reminiscent of a cross between a wet noodle and a failing garden hose.

1.) The weather:
Gone are the days of half-hearted sunshine and blue skies. Enter perpetual cloud cover with a chance of grey. Don’t you just love feeling like your entire body will suffer from frostbite if you go outside one more time? BECAUSE REALLY.  WHO DOESN’T LOVE 27-DEGREE WEATHER AND A NICE BLIZZARD?!

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