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5 Ways To Be Cool During Syracuse Rush

Spring Semester is on us, and with that, comes the intense yet very exciting ‘RUSH SZN.” As ladies and gentlemen alike prepare for such a pivotal moment in their social lives, here are some tips for how to impress those sorority or fraternity members you desperately want to be shit on by for the next two months.

5.) Show Your Knowledge — Wear a Lock Her Up Shirt:


Nothing gets a good, friendly get to know you conversation going like a nice bit of hate politics. Undoubtedly, this shirt will get you loads of attention, no matter the sorority or fraternity house you walk into — but unless you are rushing SAE, absent from Syracuse for the last two years, the attention will likely be the same at each house.

Here at Syracuse, challenging the status quo is the way to the heart of the people. No matter how unqualified you are for the fraternity or sorority to elect you to their organization, making a lot of noise and demanding attention will likely get you in the position you are looking for.

4.) Show Confidence — Don’t Wear Your Canada Goose:
We all know the winter months can be hard, and nobody can feel their best going from house to house freezing their asses off. But if you really want to stand out from the flock in your quest for the best house, leave the Canada Goose at home.

We know, you haven’t done that in 8 weeks and have forgotten what sub-one thousand dollar coats feel like. We feel for you, we really do. But for Rush, try something alternative – go for the Moncler in your closet you haven’t touched since the dreadful high school days.

3.) Show Athleticism — Bring A Set Of Badminton Racquets And Your Finest Shuttlecock With You Everywhere You Go:
Nothing screams well rounded like a girl or guy who can show their stuff off in the arena. Why not prove that in a non-obnoxious way by always carrying a handy pair of badminton racquets and only the nicest of shuttlecocks money can buy?

Toss one of the racquets to the Delta Gamma rush chair, quickly explain to her what sports are, and then play away. Instant connection.

2.)  Show Your Compassion — Bring Grandma Along:
It’s no secret that you and your grandma fucking pound some brews before every Thanksgiving dinner, so why not show off just how sweet you are with old people while also getting faded at rush events.

The chapter heads will immediately see your ability to take care of your elders, a crucial skill in the pledging process. 

1.) Show Your Preparedness — Drive Up In An Ambulance:
At some of these rush events, shit gets pretty serious. You wouldn’t want to have to be taken care of by any of the current brothers or sisters — then you look like a lightweight.

So why not bring an ambulance to the party? Grab some chill EMTs and just wait for the moment you think you are going to puke, then take another pull from the handle. You can guarantee you will end up in a safe bed that night with your trusty medics on hand.

Nothing shows responsibility and preparation more than having a way home at night no matter what.


Now, let’s get drunk!


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