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How to Achieve the Perfect Level of Intoxication for Mayfest

Mayfest is this Friday and everybody’s going to be drinking. Don’t be that person who gets stretchered out at 2p.m. and misses out on all the fun. It takes a trained professional to master the darty, and The Black Sheep have prepared a guide that, if followed to a tee, will allow you day drink like a professional alcoholic.



Shower Beer: There’s no better way to start your day than with a shower beer. The perfect accessory to any shower should be a cup holder for your daily dose of Keystone Light. If you’re lucky to have the private showers in Flint and Day, the cool refreshing half-water, half-beer beverage contrasts with the hot shower water and makes for a perfect beginning to a messy day.

hower beers are all good fun, but won’t get you on the level you need to be. Enter drinking games, beer pong in particular. Go to your buddies’ Euclid house and get all your friends together for some trash talk. Just don’t be that asshole who violates elbows.



Shot Time: tired of getting drunk so slowly? Don’t worry, it’s time to take this day drink to another level. Henny, Cuervo, and

lost a game of beer pong which was definitely your partner’s fault, and had a luxurious shower beer. You’re still not ready for Mayfest. It’s time to start the long walk(stumble) to Walnut and Castle. You need a beer for each pocket and one in the hand. The Euclid walk should include many pee stops, house visits, and selfies with as many DPS officers as you can find.



Break Time: Okay dude, take a quick five, it’s a long walk to Castle, take a quick sip and admire the drunks and druggies wandering past who aren’t following this guide. They’ll be asleep in 20 minutes.




Castle Court: The time everybody has been waiting for, the openers are playing on Walnut and the students are at Castle partying their faces off. It’s time to grab some beer at the Corner Store and make your way over to drink until it’s tough to stand up.



Run to Walnut: Is that Vic Mensa you hear at Walnut? If so, it’s time to sprint over and get ready to start official Mayfest. Grab your fake, get a beer from the Mayfest tent, and get ready to rock out to Vic Mensa.



Power Nap: Nobody will judge you for a quick power nap. Either make the walk to the dorms or your apartment, or if you are feeling adventurous find a park bench or a soft mound of dirt either way you’ll wake up feeling very refreshed.



Back to Pregaming: Two pregames in one day? Hell, yeah! Get your crew over to start the new pregame. Get the games going and the shots flowing because it’s almost time to run over to the Carrier Dome to start Block Party.



Block Party: Doors are opening, and if you’re one of the poors stuck up in GA200 you need to get there relatively early in order to get up front. If you’re on the floor, just saunter in once you feel like it. Grab 2 more beers for $14 at a concession stand, hand one to your underage friend and repeat until they shut you off.



After Party: Travis Scott just hyped everyone up and now it’s time to end the night in style. Head to your favorite frat on Comstock or Walnut, or if the weather’s nice regroup at Castle. Don’t let this party end yet, you only get four of these Mayfest celebrations in your life. Well, five if you do it right/screw it up.



Chill Time: Get your close friends back to your room and engage in a nice chill session to recap the day. Mayfest is where many Syracuse students get their funniest stories, and now it’s time to kick back and start reflecting on the last giant party of the school year.


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